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      Imagine your men’s ministry more active, energized, excited, and enthusiastic about Jesus – and the church – than they have ever been in their lives!


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      I’ll tell you how such a simple act can make such a profound difference in your life – and theirs -- in a minute.


      But first, take a look at the men sitting in your church or attending your men’s groups meetings.


Do they feel free to be the kind of men God intended them to be – better fathers, better husbands, better friends? Are they daring to do great things for the Kingdom?


Or is your men’s ministry ailing? Do these men lack passion, meaning, and a mission?


If you want to instill new vigor and life into these men, read on for the solution of how you can …


…get to the heart of the real problem

troubling modern Christian men today.


      The heart of the problem with today’s Christian men, ironically, is that these men have lost their heart.


      Modern life has worn your men down, transforming them into timid, passive drones who lack passion or purpose. They are no longer the bold warriors the Lord meant them to be.


      Or, as John Eldredge explains in his best-selling book Wild at Heart:


      “The way a man’s life unfolds nowadays tends to drive his heart into remote regions of the soul. The business world – where the majority of American men live and die – is designed to harness a man to the plow and make him produce.


      “But the soul refuses to be harnessed; it knows nothing of Day Timers and deadlines and P&L statements. The soul longs for passion, for freedom, for life. Adventure, with all its requisite danger and wildness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of man.”


      Recall that Eve was created within the lush, peaceful beauty of the Garden of Eden. But Adam was created outside the Garden, in the wilderness. Man was born in the untamed part of creation – and that’s where we long to return.


      “Men have lost their hearts,” says Eldredge. “They have become tamed, meek, and spiritless.” In Wild at Heart, Eldredge helps men rediscover their ardor, their lust for life, their sense of adventure – their “wild hearts.”


      So how does this tie in with your church, your men’s ministry, and God?


With the exact same program John Eldredge has used to successfully help thousands of Christian men at his Ransomed Heart Ministries and the Focus on the Family Institute, you can now help the men in your ministry find their true hearts again -- and regain a deeper connection to God.


You see, best-selling books like poet Robert Bly’s Iron John can stir men up. But Bly is a pagan. So he can’t help men make a deeper connection.


John Eldredge is both a man and a Christian. His Wild at Heart not only gives men fire and passion, but also connects them to a larger story: God and the Kingdom of God.


“Secular men’s programs fail because they are confined to the smaller story about a man and his happiness,” says Eldredge. “Wild at Heart succeeds because man needs a larger story: Men want to be heroes -- and spend their lives on behalf of a great mission for the Lord.”


Now, a lot of people claim to be able to help Christian men find their spiritual path. But John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart has proven beyond a doubt its ability to do so.


Half a million lives transformed


More than 500,000 readers have already changed their lives by reading John’s best-selling book. And hundreds more have undergone an even deeper, more powerful transformation by participating in-person in the Wild at Heart program.


It’s based on the simple but powerful premise that a man needs three things to make his life whole and meaningful: a battle to fight, a beauty to rescue, and an adventure to live. (How many of the men you know have even one of these?)


Here’s what men are saying about the incredible Wild at Heart experience…


“Thank you for bringing a message of hope to my life,” says Steven Nofziger. “The Lord has spoken into the deepest layers of my heart to break off claims and views that have held me for so long. I now know that I have a destiny and a calling that I will be moving towards – and the Kingdom is ready for me.”


“I was able to get more clarity in one weekend than I have been able to get in years,” writes Preston Rentz. “I have returned with a new vigor, focus, and desire to move into the ongoing battle – not only with more clarity, but with courage.”


“I’m a pastor in Florida who has been captured afresh with the gospel of freedom and life,” reports Jeff Ghiotto. “My ministry and life have dramatically changed. I am very free and alive and passionate about loving life and my family.”


And Mark Maynard writes, “This presentation of the gospel makes so much sense and explains in a truly clear way what I was created for and who I am. Naturally a sense of confidence and strength ensues.”


Are these the kinds of comments you want to hear from the men in your ministry? You can – starting in just a few days from today.


The first step is easy


 When you complete and return the reply card enclosed, I will rush you a copy of a powerful emotional and spiritual experience – the new Wild at Heart “Multimedia Facilitator’s Kit.”


The Facilitator’s Kit gives you everything you need to duplicate, right in your own ministry, the life-changing experience hundreds of men have enjoyed with John Eldredge in his sold-out Wild at Heart Boot Camps.


No longer must you struggle to come up with a meaningful, exciting activity for your men’s group every week. Or worry as the men in the group sit there – bored, dispirited, with their eyes glazed over.


The Kit gives you everything you need to fire up the men in your group, including:


  • A copy of John’s best-selling book Wild at Heart.
  • The Wild at Heart Field Manual companion volume.
  • A series of 8 videos -- on which John and his 4 best friends (his “Band of Brothers”) lead your group through their personal adventure of reclaiming their hearts and souls.
  • A Facilitator’s Guide to help you guide your men through this life-transforming experience.


If you go through one video every week, you can transform the life of every man in your ministry within 2 months … and start getting results as early as next Sunday.


And for men’s groups that meet on a monthly basis, the Wild at Heart Kit provides ideas, activities, and discussion for a full 8 months. It’s ideal for jump-starting any men’s group stuck in a rut (or launching a men’s group in your ministry if you don’t already have one).


The second step is easy, too


      When your Wild at Heart Facilitator’s Kit arrives, examine it carefully. Skim the book. Do some of the exercises in the Field Manual.


Watch the tapes or DVDs (your choice) in the privacy of your own home or office. Try it out on your men’s group. You’ll be amazed at the dynamic changes that take place, right from day one.


      Should you decide that the Wild at Heart program is not right for you or your men’s ministry, simply return the materials within 60 days and that will be the end of the matter. You will owe us not a cent.


      But I suspect you will want to keep the Wild at Heart Leader’s Facilitator’s Kit … and use it to strengthen your men’s ministry and their resolve to work for God on an ongoing basis … year after year.


If that’s the case, just honor our invoice -- and the Kit is yours forever.


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Makes your church – and its men – 

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      “My men’s ministry is flagging,” a pastor told me the other day. “How do I get my men cranked up?


      “I am sick of church as usual, and tired of just sitting in the pews, reading scripture and singing hymns,” a member of my own church confided in me not long ago. “I want something with passion, excitement – something with immediate application to my life.”


      Do you and your men’s ministry have the same challenge? John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart Facilitator’s Kit may be just the very thing you – and they – need.  And now you can find that out for yourself -- with no cost or commitment of any kind.


      To request your FREE 60-Day Examination Copy of the complete Wild at Heart Facilitator’s Kit – the book, Field Manual, the Facilitator’s Guide, and the 8 videos or DVDs – just complete and mail the enclosed reply card. Or call toll-free 800-933-9673, Ext. X today.


      You and the men in your ministry are about to embark on a life-changing adventure. I wish you Godspeed! And please do let me know about the difference Wild at Heart makes in your church. Thanks you.





      Mike Hyatt, Publisher


      P.S. Remember, even if you decide to return the Wild at Heart Facilitator’s Kit, the FREE eBible (a $1,000 print value) is yours to keep … my way of saying “thanks” for giving our unique Wild at Heart men’s ministry program your careful consideration.