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Gain Instant Credibility as a Certified Professional Consultant and Make $250,000 a Year or More

Dear ETR reader,

As a consultant, your biggest challenge is to establish credibility with potential clients.

It�s tough for all consultants, but especially for new ones.

That�s where the American Consultants League (ACL) � one of the oldest and most respected professional societies for independent consultants � can help.

As an ACL member, you get more than just the knowledge you need to succeed as an independent consultant.

ACL�s home study course, How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success and Your $250,000 Annual Income, also serves as a �prep� course for taking the �CPC� exam.

The CPC (Certified Professional Consultant) is a credential no practicing consultant � at least not one who wants to earn a quarter of a million dollars a year or more from their consulting practice � should be without.

The CPC designation is granted only to members of ACL who have passed our qualifying exam � which you can take at home, then send to us for grading. (Study the ACL course manual, and it will be a breeze for you to ace.)

Once you pass this exam, you�ll be able to put the �CPC� initials after your name in all correspondence and use it on your promotional literature alongside the ACL logo, which only members can display.

The CPC is the highest certification an ACL member can achieve, and being a CPC is a tremendous aid in convincing potential clients of your qualifications and knowledge.

ACL can launch your $250,000-a-year consulting practice � or jumpstart your existing consulting practice � as it did for me.

I love being a consultant. My definition of success is �Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it � and being paid very, very well for it.� Being an independent consultant has made that dream come true for me (as it can for you, too, as I�ll explain in a minute).

Being a �freelance consultant� has given my family and me a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle. I became a self-made multi-millionaire while in my 30s, and since then, there�s nothing my wife and kids want that I can�t easily indulge them with.

But it wasn�t always that way � until I got some incredibly shrewd, unbelievably astute guidance from a friend in the business on how to succeed as an independent consultant. By following that advice, I gradually built my solo consulting practice, earning many millions of dollars over the past two decades helping local and national clients.

Now, that same �million-dollar advice� on how to start and run a successful consulting practice is being made available by the ACL. And just as my friend shared this life-changing information with me two decades ago � and helped make my dreams come true by doing so � now I want to share it with you. If you will let me.

Unemployed and Broke in America�s Most Expensive City

In 1982, I had just quit my job in New York City as an advertising manager. Instead of looking for another job, I thought I might try doing some freelance consulting.

I had no idea how to get clients � how to package and present my services � what to charge � or how to close a deal. And so my income was, well � calling it �pitiful� would be generous. I made about $7,000 in my first 6 months.

Then, one day, that friend handed me a thick manual � a home-study course titled How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success and Your $250,000 Annual Income that was published by the ACL.

This manual became my �Bible� for getting my new consulting practice off the ground � and, boy, did it work! In 1982, my first year, I grossed $39,000. (My corporate salary had been $27,000.) In 1983, my income shot up to $80,000.

Every year, I've earned steadily more, and always well above $100,000. The last couple of years, I�ve grossed around half a million dollars, despite the sluggish economy. (You can, too.)

Consultants are needed in virtually every area: accounting � advertising � architecture � business management � customer service � e-commerce � financial planning � graphic design � human resources � IT (information technology) � manufacturing � operations � product development � quality control � sales � time management � training � writing � and dozens more.

The point? If you know something that other people need or want to know, you can make a handsome living as an independent consultant.

The Best Investment You Can Make in Yourself and Your Consulting Success Today

Today, you cannot buy ACL�s home-study course, How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success, anywhere, at any price. But now you can get a copy via e-mail PDF of the newly revised edition absolutely FR*EE when you become an ACL member.

Here�s just a brief sampling of what you�ll find in this new and improved program:

* Determining what services you�ll offer, to which clients, and in what industry. Plus: how to find the highest-paying consulting assignments you can qualify for. (Chapter 2)

* The surprising secret that separates highly successful consultants � those earning $250,000 a year or more � from those who are just getting by. (Chapter 1)

* A foolproof way of getting leads. It automatically pre-qualifies prospects so you know a lead is good before you call. (Chapter 4)

* How do you convince potential clients that they should hire you instead of your competitors? This one simple method works 8 times out of 10. (Chapter 3)

* Shortcuts to writing proposals that win a maximum amount of new business with a minimum of time and effort (Chapter 6).

* Do you need a website? What should it look like? What should be on it? Plus: how to build your website for under $250. (Chapter 3)

* What to send a potential client who calls and asks, �Can I see some more information about your consulting services?� Hint: It�s not your resume. (Chapter 4)

* What never to say to a potential client at the initial meeting. Utter these words, and you�re out. (Chapter 5)

* The one thing you MUST always include in every proposal you write to guarantee that you�ll get all the business you can handle. (Chapter 6)

* How to set your fees, when to bring up fees, and how to quote fees so the client doesn�t fall over when he hears them. (Chapter 8)

* Making the sale even when the client says, �Your price is too high� � and 9 other common objections you can easily overcome. (Chapter 8)

* Going beyond the $250,000 a year mark with lucrative �profit centers� that are independent of your hourly services and make you money even while you sleep. (Chapter 11)

* When you should avoid a formal contract � and when you MUST use one. This advice could save you thousands of dollars. (Chapter 7)

* Succeeding as a consultant for the long haul: secrets from the �20+ years experience� consultants. (Chapter 11)

Here�s What Your Fellow Consultants Are Saying About ACL:

�I didn�t have the slightest idea how to market my skills to achieve maximum results as a management consultant. ACL played a major role in helping me master that task. Thanks for creating such a magnificent training course.�
� Roy Noel, President, DDP Productions

� I know that having �Certified Professional Consultant� on my business card directs and confirms the prospective client�s first impression of mastery.�
� Joseph Kovarik, St. Paul, MN

�How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success offered a number of valuable suggestions. First, it stated not to provide a resume. Frankly, I was shocked at this advice, but it was good.�
� Dr. Wayne Allen, Chairman, U.S. Capital Funding Corporation

�The course How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success is one of the most informative blueprints available to any consultant, novice, or seasoned pro. My ACL membership has been very fruitful � the savvy and wisdom gained can�t be found anywhere else.�
� Richard Garrett, Chartered Consultant

�Since I studied it, the course became an essential reference for my professional activity as an international development consultant. I am now developing my activity, taking advantage of many recommendations and tips contained in the course.�
� Jose Horta

�The ACL�s course knowledge and hard work are the driving force behind consulting success.�
� Margaret Alexander, Lauderdale Lakes, FL

�My decision to obtain a copy of How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success was a very wise one. It has helped enormously in establishing my credibility as a tried, tested, and true consultant, not only with my clients, but with my network of independent representative offices worldwide�
� Tony Narinesingh, Senior Partner, The Cynton Company

�I am proud to be a member of the American Consultants League. I have gained not only more respect from clients, but have gained more clients as well. Both have helped make my business highly successful.�
� Stephen Brennan, President, Peak Performance Consultants

�Within 12 months, my revenue tripled, and I gained many new clients as well as referrals.�
� David Rosensweig, Printing Consultant

�The marketing strategies in the course are excellent.�
� Kevin Chen, Business Methods Corporation

The bottom line: How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success gives you everything � and I mean everything � you need to know to earn $250,000 a year or more as an independent consultant. Valued at $399, it's yours FR*EE when you join the ACL.

Let Some of the World�s Most Successful Consultants Help You Build Your Own Six-Figure Practice

Perhaps you�re like millions of other Americans who dream of leaving the routine grind of working for others.

Maybe you�ve been downsized and outsourced all the way out the corporate door. You might be looking for a more enjoyable and challenging way to make a living. Or maybe you simply want to cash in on your expertise, strike out on your own, and earn a handsome income even an airline pilot, lawyer, or doctor might envy.

Well, when you join the American Consultants League, you don�t have to �go it alone� as you start to build your six-figure consulting practice.

As an ACL member in good standing, you have an �instant" support network. On the ACL Web site, you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and get help online from your fellow ACL members. You can also get personal advice and guidance from the highly successful consultants who sit on the league�s Board of Advisors.

Let me briefly introduce you to these advisors � your consulting success �team�:

* MICHAEL MASTERSON, publisher of Early to Rise, is one of the wealthiest and most successful consultants in the world. He has helped over a dozen businesses grow to annual sales of $10 million and several to the $100-million level. Since he began consulting over a decade ago, his consulting practice has never grossed less than $1 million annually.

* TONY NARINESINGH founded The Cynton Company, an international professional consulting and business resource firm, in 1982. He is the author of the �Cynton Business Planning and Development Program,� a unique and practical interactive approach to writing entrepreneurial strategic business plans. He is listed in the international Who�s Who of Professionals.

* MARK AMTOWER, founder of Amtower & Associates, is one of the leading authorities on marketing to the federal government. Having worked with Mark personally, I can tell you that no one packages and promotes his consulting services more effectively.

* DEEBA JAFRI, president of DJ Direct Response, is a consultant specializing in direct-mail marketing, both on a strategic as well as a project-management level. I�ve worked with her on several direct-mail projects for various clients, and can tell you that her knowledge level and expertise are unsurpassed.

* ILISE BENUN, director of Creative Marketing and Management and the author of Self-Promotion Online, specializes in teaching consultants, Freelancers, and other self-employed professionals low-cost/no-cost ways they can effectively market and sell their consulting and professional services. I can unconditionally endorse Ilise, having personally hired her to help me build my own consulting practice.

* RUTH P. STEVENS, president of eMarketing Strategy and one of the world�s leading authorities in business-to-business marketing strategy, teaches marketing to grad students at Columbia Business School. Her latest book is The DMA Lead Generation Handbook.

* VALERIE YOUNG is �Dreamer-in-Residence� of Through her Web site, speaking, writing, and consulting, she specializes in helping people find their dream jobs � careers that truly fulfill them and make work a joy.

* ROBERT W. BLY (yes, that�s me!) is an independent copywriter and consultant specializing in business-to-business and direct marketing. I�m the author of more than 50 books, including The Complete Idiot�s Guide to Direct Marketing.

To hire any one of us to consult with you for just one day would cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 or more. But now you can hire the entire Board to coach you all year long for a very reasonable �retainer� of less than a dollar a day simply by becoming an ACL member.

Gain Instant Credibility and Credentials As a Professional Consultant

When you join the American Consultants League, you get full training and ongoing support all year long to help you win more clients and maximize your consulting revenues. And just look at all the additional benefits of membership:

* You receive How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success, the only home-study course designed to help you earn $250,000 a year or more in your independent consulting practice. Value: $399

* After you complete the course � and pass the certification exam (which no one who takes our course has ever failed) � you become accredited as a CPC (Certified Professional Consultant). Value: $900

* As a CPC, you get a Certified Professional Consultant certificate, suitable for framing. Hang it proudly in your office. You are also granted the privilege of putting the important � and prestigious � initials �CPC� after your name on all professional correspondence. It�s an impressive credential that will quickly establish credibility with both new and existing clients.

* You have the privilege of using the ACL logo on your business card and marketing materials. Value: AT LEAST $350.

* You receive Consulting Tips Monthly online newsletter, an incredibly valuable e-publication in which we provide timely tips on how to succeed in today�s consulting market. Value: $89

* You also get unlimited access to the password-protected, members-only section of the ACL Web site. Value: AT LEAST $350

* You get a FR*EE coaching Session with one of ACL's board members. We'll help you develop and promote your consulting practice or review your marketing materials. Value: $1,000

* You get FR*EE referrals to potential clients with your listing on the open-to-the-public section of the ACL Web site. Value: $99

* You get FR*EE The Consultant�s Success Library, a collection of 6 special e-reports (see my P.S. for details). Value: $114.

* Access to Century Bankcard Services. This credit card acceptance program offers ACL members a discount membership and will provide Credit Card processing services at below market pricing. Value: $95

Purchased separately, this package retails for $3,396. But a 1-year membership in the ACL gives you all of the above and more for only $349 � less than a dollar a day! Your savings: $3,047.
At this special rate, ACL membership is the best investment you can make to ensure your consulting success. In fact, we guarantee it � or your money back.

We Are Offering ACL Membership to You on a Risk-free Trial Basis

As soon as we hear from you, we�ll rush the complete How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success course and the six special reports to you via e-mail PDF. When it arrives, examine the course carefully. If you don't feel like a treasure hunter who has struck gold, just let us know within 60 days. We�ll cancel your membership, refund your payment in full, and that will be the end of the matter.

As for the 6 bonus e-reports (list price: $19 each), they will be yours to keep FR*EE and with no cost or commitment of any kind � our way of saying �thanks� for giving the ACL a try.

Get $3,396 worth of the world�s most practical and valuable consulting advice for less than $1 a day. You spend that much, without even thinking about it, for a cup of coffee or a can of soda.

And it really doesn�t cost you even that. Because if you start your consulting practice charging only $100 an hour (which is far less than the average consultant bills), you�ll more than pay back twice the cost of your ACL membership � for the entire year � in just your first day of consulting!

What else gives you such a rapid return on your investment?

With that in mind, why not order your risk-free PDF of How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success today?

To place your order via secure order form, click here.


Robert W. Bly, Board Member
American Consultants League

P.S. Special Bonus! Order within the next 14 days and we will include with your ACL membership a FR*EE copy of The Consultant�s Success Library � a bonus collection of 6 special reports guaranteed to accelerate your revenue growth to the $250,000-a-year level and beyond.

* FR*EE Special Report #1: Adding Seminars as a Profit Center to Your Consulting Practice. How to make $1,000 to $5,000 a day or more as a seminar or workshop leader.

* FR*EE Special Report #2: Launching a Paid Subscription Newsletter in Your Specialized Area of Expertise. Gross an extra $100,000 to $1 million a year by publishing a paid-subscription newsletter on your consulting specialty.

* FR*EE Special Report #3: How to Write a Book on Your Consulting Specialty and Get It Published. Write a book, sell it to a major New York publisher (or self publish it, if you prefer), and gain instant credibility as a published author.

* FR*EE Special Report #4: Create your Company Web site. How to write and design an effective Web site to promote your consulting practice. How to drive traffic to your site.

* FR*EE Special Report #5: Recession-Proof Business Strategies. 14 winning methods to sell your consulting services in a soft economy.

* FR*EE Special Report #6: The Successful Consultant�s Million-Dollar Rolodex. From printers to mailing list brokers, Web site designers to audiotape duplicators, here are all the resources you need to take your consulting practice to the next level.

All 6 reports are yours to keep FR*EE, even if you decide not to join us as a member � yet another reason why you should accept our no-risk 60-day trial offer.

P.P.S. With the unemployment rate at almost 6%, and more downsizing in the works, consulting is an increasingly attractive career alternative for corporate employees.

You can work at home, set your own hours, earn a handsome six-figure income, and build a stable of steady clients who rely on you for advice. You have no commute. Endless meetings are a thing of the past. YOU make all of the decisions in your business, without consulting a committee. And with no boss, you can�t be fired!

If this sounds like a lifestyle you might enjoy, please, place your order via secure order form, click here:

There�s no risk or commitment of any kind.