A marketing manager at IBM
handed me a check with my name
on it for $60,000 – more than twice
what I had made working all year
long at my last full-time job!

In return, I wrote letters, mailers, and
other marketing materials to help IBM
sell their hardware and software to
other businesses,
not to consumers.

Now I want to show you how to break into
the $6.5-trillion-a-year “business-to-business”
marketplace as a successful B-to-B copywriter.
If you will let me.


Dear Robert,

When I started out as a freelance copywriter more than two decades ago, I boosted my income from $27,000 a year as a corporate employee… to more than $100,000 a year as a freelance copywriter… within 3 years.

But what’s remarkable is that, at the time, I didn’t have a single direct marketing client.

Phillips, Agora, KCI, Rodale, Boardroom, Weiss Research… I didn’t have a clue who they were… or that copywriters wanted to write for them so badly.

In fact, I had never written a sales letter or a direct mail package. Magalogs weren’t even invented yet. The Internet? Forget about it!

Yet, I was working for some of the biggest and most prestigious corporations in the country: Grumman, GE, Harris, AlliedSignal, AT&T, IBM, ITT, Graver Chemical, Brooklyn Union Gas, PSE&G, BOC Gases, Siemens, Sony, Nortel, and many others.

The work was steady, the pay scales generous, and these clients had more copywriting assignments than a whole battalion of freelance copywriters could ever hope to handle.

But amazingly, the competition in this market was – and still is – almost non-existent.

The market I am talking about is business-to-business (B-to-B) marketing… writing copy that helps businesses sell their products and services to other businesses, rather than to consumers.

And it’s a market I had almost all to myself – and you can, too – as I’ll show you in a minute.

You see, every copywriter on Madison Avenue wants to work on the “glamour” accounts.

And that means consumer products – everything from soap and shampoo, to hamburgers and hair spray. The kind of stuff sold with TV commercials.

Virtually every copywriter wants to write for these clients. So the competition is tremendous – and the pay scales (for beginners, anyway) fairly miserable.

In the business-to-business market, on the other hand, the work is plentiful… but competent copywriters who can (and want to) handle these lucrative assignments are in short supply.

That’s because most copywriters incorrectly think of business-to-business marketing as “dull”… “technical”… “uncreative.”

They couldn’t be more wrong.

As a business-to-business copywriter, the assignments I’ve handled have been absolutely fascinating… and often on the cutting edge of technology.

Best of all, by applying just one or two of the copywriting techniques you’ve mastered in the basic AWAI copywriting program, your copy can produce results that absolutely amaze your B-to-B clients… and put you head and shoulders over any other writers or agencies they use!

It’s so easy to get superior results for B-to-B clients… and gain a stream of steady, profitable assignments from these huge companies… that I’m almost ashamed to tell you.

But my buddy, fellow B-to-B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite, isn’t ashamed to tell you. In fact, he’s just put the finishing touches on a brand-new program for AWAI to do just that.

It’s titled, appropriately enough, Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market. And no copywriter I know is more qualified to guide you in this market than Steve.

Steve has been writing business-to-business copy for more than 10 years for top clients including AT&T, United Parcel Service, Hewlett-Packard, Allied Van Lines, Sprint, and dozens more.

Last year, he made more than $200,000 handling primarily business-to-business clients – making him one of the highest paid B-to-B copywriters working today!

Imagine a vast market for copywriting services
where there’s almost no real competition!

Meet Steve Slaunwhite, your B-to-B copywriting “coach”

A freelance copywriter since 1990, Steve Slaunwhite has more than two decades of experience in sales and marketing. His work and insights have been profiled in such publications as DM News, Inside Direct Mail, The Wall Street Journal, Marketing Magazine, Insurance Marketing, The Vancouver Sun, and Sales & Marketing Journal.

In 2001, a direct mail package he wrote for Hewlett-Packard won the Business-to-Business Gold at the Promo Marketing Awards. In 2002, he wrote copy for five Web sites that were listed in BtoB Magazine's top 100. More recently, an e-mail marketing piece he created for a multinational software firm generated four times the response of any of their previous campaigns.

A business graduate of York University, Steve has written several books and guides including Start & Run a Copywriting Business, 2nd Edition (2005, Self-Counsel Press), 101 Writing Tips for Successful Email Marketing (H-S Learning Series), and 7 Keys to Creating a Lead-Generating Brochure (H-S Learning Series).He is the contributing editor and writer of The CMA Guide to Email Marketing. (Note: The CMA is Canada’s most prestigious marketing association. The equivalent of The DMA in the U.S.)

A sought-after speaker, Steve shares his expertise at corporate training sessions, conferences, and events across the country. He also lectures frequently at the Media Copywriting Program at Humber College.

The late Paul Bringe, a talented direct response copywriter, once said: “When the feed is scarce, the chickens will scratch at anything.”

This is why business-to-business marketing is such a goldmine for both new and experienced copywriters alike.

The “chickens,” to follow Paul’s metaphor, are the clients. And there are plenty of them….

The biggest clients in B-to-B marketing make the biggest clients in consumer direct marketing look like pygmies!

For instance, Phillips at one point reported annual revenues of over $300 million, making them the largest publisher of consumer newsletters at the time.

Boeing, by comparison, has annual sales of over $50 billion… more than 100 times bigger than Phillips!

And there are thousands of B-to-B clients with sales of $100 million a year or more.

But there are also millions of smaller companies… those with annual sales of just $10 million or even one or two million a year… that also need marketing materials written.

In fact, total annual revenue of business-to-business companies in the United States is more than $6.5 trillion.

And nearly all of these companies need marketing materials – from Web sites, e-mails, and e-newsletters… to sales letters, direct mail packages, postcards, and self-mailers… to brochures, catalogs, videos, and PowerPoint presentations – to sell their products and services to business buyers.

That represents a largely untapped, virtually unlimited market for freelance copywriting services.

And guess what?

The copywriters… the “feed” in Paul’s metaphor… are scarce indeed when it comes to this market.

Most copywriters don’t even know about the enormously lucrative writing opportunities waiting for them in business-to-business copywriting.

Or, if they know about it, they don’t understand what the market needs, or how to service these clients satisfactorily.

The result is that the vast majority of freelance copywriters – and this goes for novices and old pros alike – don’t ever approach these thousands of B-to-B clients looking for work.

Consequently, B-to-B companies are often desperate to find skilled copywriters to write copy for them – writers who understand their needs and can give them clear, concise, compelling copy that motivates the business buyer.

And most copywriters out there simply aren’t equipped to handle B-to-B assignments!

Because most copywriters don’t understand the B-to-B market… or how to write the special kind of copy they need.

But after completing Steve Slaunwhite’s new program, Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market , you will.

You’ll know how to write winning copy for the B-to-B marketplace… and keep your clients so happy they’ll give you all the repeat business you can handle.

And once that happens, you’ll never have to struggle to find work or reach your income goals ever again.

Why haven’t more copywriters discovered
the high-paying B-to-B marketplace?

In Chapter One of Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market, Steve Slaunwhite demystifies the B-to-B copywriting marketplace, revealing WHO the clients are, WHAT type of assignments they have for you, and HOW to write B-to-B copy that works.

In less than 20 minutes reading time, you’ll discover:

Copywriting secrets of the world’s highest-paid
B-to-B copywriters revealed at last

But Chapter One is only the beginning….

Once you get your first B-to-B copywriting assignment, you have to know how to conduct the client interview… gather the background material you need… ask the right questions… understand the market… explain complex products clearly, simply, and persuasively.

In short, how to write B-to-B copy that sells!

And this is what Steve Slaunwhite trains you to do, at a very high level, in the remainder of his Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market program.

You’ll discover:

The best investment in your copywriting
career you can make in 2006

Why even skilled, experienced copywriters need
Secrets of Writing for the

Q: “I have already completed the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Program. So don’t I already know how to write copy? Why do I also need to learn Steve Slaunwhite’s B-to-B copywriting program, too?”

A: Because, although there are similarities, business-to-business copywriting is, in many ways, quite different than the “business-to-consumer” direct response copywriting AWAI illustrates in the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

The direct response techniques and secrets you learned in the basic AWAI program will give you a HUGE advantage when you work in the B-to-B area. Reason: Most B-to-B copywriters don’t know how to write strong direct response copy. So for direct mail, e-mail marketing, landing pages, and other direct response promotions, your copy will probably smash all previous sales results… and make the client love you.

But B-to-B clients do have certain requirements, preferences, and formats that we don’t cover in the basic AWAI program. That’s why we commissioned top B-to-B copywriter and AWAI member Steve Slaunwhite to create Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market… to show you the concepts, methods, and nuances of selling products and services to executives, engineers, IT departments, and other business professionals – powerful B-to-B copywriting techniques you won’t learn anywhere else.

By mastering both the direct response methods of the basic AWAI copywriting program, and the secrets of business-to-business marketing you gain in Steve Slaunwhite’s B-to-B copywriting program, you’ll have a sustainable – almost unfair – advantage over almost all other copywriters in the B-to-B marketplace.

When you only write business-to-consumer copy, you are cutting yourself off from half the market.

And, it’s the half that has far less competition than traditional consumer direct marketing… because most copywriters either don’t know about it or ignore it.

When I started in business-to-business copywriting, it took me at least a year or more to become competent… and about 5 years to really grasp the finer points of writing effective B-to-B copy and gain true mastery.

I had to learn strictly through trial and error, because there were no courses, books, or programs covering business-to-business marketing that focused strictly on copywriting.

Steve Slaunwhite’s Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market fills that gap. It’s the first, best, and ONLY program I know that focuses 100% on business-to-business copywriting – and is taught by a master practitioner who knows the topic inside and out.

I speak to a lot of AWAI members and other copywriters who ask me, “Isn’t it true that there is more competition in copywriting than ever? How will I ever get someone to hire me with all the other copywriters they can choose from?”

The answer is simple: “Go where the feed is scarce.”

You see, 99% of direct response copywriters I’ve met really don’t understand the business-to-business copywriting marketplace… especially who the clients are, what they’re looking for, how to get assignments from them, and how to write B-to-B copy that knocks their socks off!

But I do. And Steve Slaunwhite does.

And now, by taking his program, Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market… you will too.

Listen: I have made millions of dollars during my 25 years as a copywriter, writing for dozens of business-to-business clients selling almost every conceivable type of product – from business newsletters and office supplies, to printing and graphic design services, to management consulting and training seminars. As well as…

Software… peripherals… semiconductors… mainframes… air pollution control systems… wastewater management… chemicals… filters… valves… pumps… heat exchangers… compressors… industrial gases… metals… Web hosting… Internet access… computer security… test and measurement equipment… telecommunications equipment… pens… watches… time clocks.

PLUS: Fiber-optic cables… long-distance telephone service… flooring… logistics services… electronic components… business gifts… janitorial services… electroplating… surgical tables… elevator control systems… day planners… fax machines… noise control… air flow monitors… welding systems… strobe lighting… radar… industrial knives… medical devices… dental products… and dozens more.

All of these clients hired me. And they will hire you, too. They are in dire need of strong copy to sell their products and services. But very few working copywriters can handle assignments like these with any degree of skill.

Based on my extensive experience… and having reviewed Steve’s program myself… I can assure you of two things:

1. You can duplicate the success Steve and I have enjoyed in business-to-business copywriting… writing copy for the same kinds of industrial, high-tech, publishing, and business clients… and making the same kind of money per assignment.

Remember, Steve made over $200,000 as a freelance copywriter last year… and I made over $600,000.

2. Steve’s program gives you everything… I mean EVERYTHING… you need to succeed as a freelance business-to-business copywriter. It’s all there. Nothing is left out.

What does it cost to get started?

Okay. Now let’s get down to brass tacks: what will it cost you to take Steve’s B-to-B copywriting program?

Well, it will cost you NOTHING to preview the program, because AWAI offers it on a 30-day risk-free trial basis.

That means you can review the program in the privacy of your home office for 30 days. If you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

Now, if you decide you LIKE the program and want to keep it… that will cost you just $399.

And I am convinced that this will be your preference… to keep Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market near your desk to review again and again as you take on more and more lucrative B-to-B copywriting assignments.

By the way, I originally recommended that this program have a list price of around $2,000 or more That’s closer to what I think the true value of this information is.

And even at that price, it wouldn’t take long for you to make your money back: The income from your first B-to-B assignment – easily $2,000 to $4,000 or more – would quickly pay back your investment in the program.

Realistically, I think you could make $50,000 or more your first year of handling B-to-B copywriting clients… giving you a 25:1 return on your investment (ROI) in this program.

But you don’t have to make nearly that much, because AWAI has put a regular list price on Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market of $399.

Best of all, you’ll get 6 FREE bonuses valued at $600 (see my P.P.S. below for details).

And these half dozen valuable bonus gifts are yours to keep, even if you decide to return Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market.

So you come out ahead regardless. Either way, you can’t lose!

Try Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market
at home risk-free for 30 days… then decide.

I think once you discover how easy, fun, and lucrative it is to write for B-to-B clients, you’ll want to keep Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market as a permanent part of your copywriting and marketing library.

But if for any reason… or even for no reason at all… you decide business-to-business copywriting is not for you, simply return the program manual to AWAI within 30 days for a full and prompt refund of every penny you paid.

That way, you risk nothing.

I can’t think of a fairer – or easier – way for you to “dip your toe” into the vast ocean of lucrative business-to-business copywriting opportunities out there… make a few thousand bucks fast… and see for yourself whether business-to-business copywriting really is for you…

That is, whether it’s something you’ll enjoy and want to do more of (not whether it will make you money… or give you a competitive edge over other copywriters… I already know it will do that for you).

If you agree that the business-to-business marketplace is the best “undiscovered” copywriting opportunity available today, then keep the program… and make $50,000 to $100,000 a year – or more – writing for B-to-B clients.

If not, just return the program materials for a full refund… keeping your bonus materials worth over $600. They’re yours FREE, our gift to you, just for trying Steve Slaunwhite’s program.

More than $6 trillion in products and services will be purchased by business buyers this year… and virtually all of those products and services will require copy written by someone just like you to help make those sales.

Starting in as little as a few weeks, the next freelance copywriter these business-to-business marketers hire could be YOU.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not get started today? Business-to-business companies have handfuls of checks for $1,000… $2,000… even $5,000 or more waiting to give to the next copywriters they hire. Why not make sure your name is on some of those checks?

To order Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market on a 30-day risk-free trial basis, click below now:


Bob Bly
AWAI Board Member


P.S. As always, AWAI guarantees your satisfaction with Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market. If you’re not 100% thrilled with Steve Slaunwhite’s program (and I’m betting you WILL be), then just return it within 30 days for a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.

P.P.S. 6 FREE Bonus Gifts! Order Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market on a risk-free trial basis today, and AWAI will send you these 6 special bonuses absolutely FREE:

The combined retail value of all 6 bonus gifts is over $600. And they are yours to keep FREE, even if you decide to return Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market for a full refund!

To preview Secrets of Writing for the Business-to-Business Market risk-free for 30 days… and for your 6 FREE Bonus Gifts… click below now:

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