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What do Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Nortel, Yamaha, and Leica know
about developing software for their hardware that their competitors
For the answer, download our FREE White Paper, "How to Develop
Software Better and Faster: A Guide to Strategic Outsourcing" now at .
Our company, Art & Logic, has over 10 years experience successfully
completing hundreds of software projects for more than 100 clients
Specialties include embedded systems, Web-based management systems,
desktop applications, and device drivers. One of our projects even
won an Academy Award!
"By selectively using Art & Logic for specific software development
tasks, we free our team to handle other pressing needs," one client
commented recently.
You get the expertise you need to develop software for your hardware,
without adding staff. You save money and keep your overhead low.
(Art & Logic software engineers have a broad range of skill sets
including Java, C++, Active X, QuickTime, JSP, XML, VxWorks,
embedded Linux, Windows, CORBA, OpenGL, Mac OS, FireWire,
JavaScript, and dozens of other languages, platforms, and
For a free copy of our "How to Develop Software Better and Faster: A
Guide to Strategic Outsourcing" White Paper ... or more information
on Art & Logic's software development expertise ... click on
P.S. Have a software development project you want to discuss? For a
free, no-obligation cost estimate call Bob Bajoras at 814-835-1777
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