Active Listening
By Robert W. Bly

11 Simple Ways to Become an Active Listener

This seminar helps people improve their listening skills on the telephone, at meetings, and in one-to-one conversations. The workshop will demonstrate and offer practice in the art of listening, showing people how to overcome bad listening habits, improve body language, understand their listening style, and gain empathy with co-workers and customers.


Here is a partial listing of topics covered. Your seminar can cover all topics or just the ones that are most important to your business.

  1. Learn to identify the three levels of listening
  2. Understand the need for improved listening skills
  3. Overcome bad listening habits
  4. Improve body language
  5. Understand your individual listening style
  6. Understand the principles of active listening
  7. Learn to recognize distractions to listening
  8. Use active listening to gain empathy with others
  9. Avoid misunderstandings
  10. Identify negative and positive examples of listening skills
  11. Learn to ask questions that demonstrate your listening ability


A workshop format that encourages participants to confront their weaknesses in listening and gain mastery over active listening techniques. Numerous exercises reinforce new habits.

Length of Program:
One day

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