Get More Done In Less Time: How To Double Your Personal Productivity
By Robert W. Bly

Time Management Techniques That Actually Work

Almost everyone is too busy, has too much to do, and wants to be more productive. Yet most people don’t realize these problems can be solved simply by increasing the productivity of just one of their resources: themselves.

How to Double Your Personal Productivity Coach shows you how to succeed in today’s competitive, fast-paced world by managing your time and energy more effectively. Going far beyond conventional time management, How to Double Your Personal Productivity offers a diverse range of strategies and tactics for empowering readers to gain this productivity boost—everything from planning, scheduling, organization, and eliminating time sleep, diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements that can give you more energy so you can work better and using the latest technology (from remote LAN access and wireless modems, to virtual offices and extranets) to manage information and communicate more efficiently.


  1. Why is time so important?
  2. How to achieve the mindset of the super-productive professional.
  3. Techniques for doubling your personal productivity.
  4. Delegate and outsource your way to success.
  5. Time-saving technologies and how to use them.
  6. Mastering the art of saying “no.”
  7. Maximizing your personal energy.
  8. Surviving information overload.

Length of Program: 90 minutes

Instructor: Bob Bly, author of the Career Press book 101 Ways to Make Every Second Count: Proven Personal Productivity Boosters and Time Management Techniques That Work.

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