Selling Your Services
By Robert W. Bly

5 Proven Steps on How to Sell Your Services

An intensive training session presenting a proven Five-Step Service Selling Process for getting more clients to hire you or your firm.


Here is a partial listing of topics covered. Your seminar can cover all topics or just the ones most important to your business.

Step 1: Power Prospecting: How To Generate Initial Interest In Your Product, Service, or Idea

Step 2: Follow-Up: How To Get Appointments With Prospects

Step 3: The Initial Meeting: How To Make a Successful Sales Presentation That Gets the Order

Step 4: Closing the Sale: How To Get the Prospect to Sign on the Dotted Line

Step 5: Continuous Selling: How To Keep Clients Sold After the Sale Is Made

Preparation and Customization

All clients submit a completed questionnaire in advance of the seminar date. The seminar is tailored to your specific educational needs based on this information. Actual problems and selling situations faced by attendees in their day-to-day work are used throughout the presentation as examples, as exercises, and to illustrate and dramatize ideas presented in the classroom.

In addition, we further customize by going through the course agenda with you and having you tell us which items you want stressed and emphasized. There is no extra charge for this customization.

Number of Students

Recommended number of students per session is 6 to 20; however, you may send up to 25 attendees for the base price. There is an additional materials and preparation fee for each student above 25.


A 50% nonrefundable deposit authorizes CTC to begin preparation and customization of your seminar. Balance due net 30 days after presentation of seminar.


Client is billed at cost for all out-of-pocket expenses including ground transportation, long-distance telephone calls, fax transmissions, Federal Express, and messenger service.

Client provides prepaid hotel reservations and prepaid round-trip airline tickets (from Newark Airport) for all out-of-town engagements.


Attendees receive numerous handouts provided during the seminar at no extra charge. Optional textbook for seminar attendees is Selling Your Services: Proven Strategies for Getting Clients to Hire You or Your Firm, by Bob Bly, 349 pages.

Follow-Up Programs

To maximize the effectiveness of training, you may want to consider one of these two follow-up programs:

Telephone Hotline: Telephone consultation is available. Callers get specific advice and information on how to solve selling problems and handle current situations.

Clinics: Some clients request a follow-up clinic at one or more locations. The clinics typically have 6 to 15 attendees and provide hands-on analysis and problem-solving of ongoing sales challenges. Fee and length are the same as for the full-day training seminar.

About the Seminar Leader

Bob Bly is an independent consultant specializing in sales and marketing communications. Clients include Value Rent-A-Car, Edith Roman Associates, Sony Corporation, Timeplex, Associated Air Freight, Wolfram Research, and Philadelphia National Bank.

Mr. Bly is the author of 45 books including Direct Mail Profits, The Copywriter’s Handbook, and Selling Your Services. In addition, he has taught marketing at New York University. Mr. Bly is a winner of the Direct Marketing Association’s Gold Echo Award.

For More Information

To discuss the specifics of your seminar and reserve a date, call or write Bob Bly at CTC, 22 East Quackenbush Ave., 3rd Floor, Dumont, NJ 07628, phone (201) 385-1220.

What Clients and Attendees Say About Bob Bly’s Seminars and Consultations

“We enjoyed your presentation at our sales meeting! The feedback to date has been great. Your appearance accomplished what we wanted. Thank you very much!”
— Joe Jeanette, Vice President, Creative Group, Inc., Appleton, WI

“Your talk was well prepared and excellently presented. Not only was it extremely informative, but you succeeded in offering some startling insights that many of us failed to realize about our business-to-business communications.”
— Walter Lewis, Business/Professional Advertising Association

“Thanks for your seminar. Besides clarifying some technical points, you gave me insight into my position, and my abilities, as a writer. And, observing you in action was excellent training.”
— Mike Goldscheitter, Loveland Controls

“Thanks again for joining us in Atlantic City on Thursday. I, and the entire group, found your thoughts insightful and right on target.”
— Edward H. Moore, communication briefings Newsletter

“Well balanced, interesting, moved right along. Everything you promised and more.”
— John Pfister, Del Haven, NJ

“Your presentation for our seminar was sparkling, enthusiastic, and informative. The audience response was wonderful to see and hear. Our group benefited greatly and were quite vocal in their praise of you.”
— Wendy Ward, Women in Communications

“I wish to thank you for an excellent program. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and your comments and expertise were greatly appreciated. This was the largest turnout for a seminar this year. The program was full of good solid and serious advice, and you made it a very lively presentation.”
— Zephyr Cooper, Women’s Direct Response Group

“We greatly appreciate your lending your expertise to make the seminar a success. Your information on the Do’s and Don’ts of direct mail was most helpful to all.”
— C. Joyce Wilson, American Marketing Association

What They Say About Bob Bly’s Book, Selling Your Services (New York: Henry Holt)

“Between these covers lies a treasure trove of tips on selling, adding power to your releases, setting fees, creating brochures and other marketing tools, strategies for coping with dozens of situations you will encounter, and hundreds of other priceless ideas.”
— Herman Holtz, author of How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant

“If you’re looking for the ‘hype’ kind of presentation to sales and promotion, don’t buy this book. But if your goal is to improve your ability to communicate and deliver quality services to a greater number of people (and make more money in the process), then Selling Your Services is a great investment.”
— David W. Wood, Free-Lance Business Communications

“Strategic and specific. A must read! Practical advice that really works—not just theories that might work.”
— Howard L. Shensen, CMC, Marketing and Management Consultant

“When you want to outsmart and outsell your competition, you’ll implement Bly’s proven recession-proof strategies for getting clients to hire you first—or the next reader may be your newest competitor.”
— Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., The Copyologist®

Bob Bly
Copywriter, Consultant and Seminar Leader
22 East Quackenbush Avenue, 3rd Floor, Dumont, NJ 07628
Phone (201) 385-1220, Fax (201) 385-1138