E-mail to OEM Advertisers
By Robert W. Bly

ATT: Advertising manager or marketing department

Your recent ad in [NAME OF MAGAZINE] indicates you're interested in reaching OEMs with your advertising message.

Is your ad generating the response and sales you seek? If not, there may be a faster, more impactful, and more cost-effective way to reach these design engineers, production engineers, quality control managers, purchasing agents, and corporate managers: Internet direct mail.

As one of the largest list firms specializing in both traditional and Internet mailing lists, Edith Roman has available for rental the top-performing lists of OEMs with e-mail addresses.

These are all "opt-in" lists, meaning they have agreed to receive promotional e-mail messages from advertisers like you. That means higher response rates, and ensures that your e-message won't be considered spam.

If you wish, Edith Roman can handle your entire e-campaign for you - from providing lists and creating the e-mail, to transmission, tracking, measuring, and analyzing the results. The typical e-campaign to a business audience generates response rates of 10 to 20 percent or more, at a fraction of the cost of print direct mail or print advertising. And you can reach thousands of OEMs literally in minutes... vs. the 30 or 60 day lead time ad insertions require.

Our OEM e-campaigns target the same qualified subscribers of trade publications you may already be advertising in. Imagine e-mailing a qualified OEM trade publication subscriber and reinforcing an article or advertisement for your product or service within days of the magazine's publication!

If you would like to know more about doing an e-campaign to qualified OEMs, just reply to this e-mail with your phone and fax number. I'll be happy to provide more information on what OEM e-lists are available.

If you would prefer not to receive any other notices concerning e-mail marketing, please respond and type REMOVE in the subject heading.


Warren Deeb

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