Proprietary Data Management Solutions for AT&T Client/Server Environments
By Robert W. Bly



TO: AT&T Management
FROM: John Jones, Vice President, TechnoStore (formerly senior VP for AT&T Network Systems)
RE: Proprietary data management solutions for AT&T client/server environments

Dear AT&T Executive:

With the proliferation of distributed computing throughout the AT&T organization, more and more critical AT&T data resides on client/server networks for which no coordinated, centralized data management strategy exists.

As a result, an increasing number of AT&T systems are at considerable risk for data loss, data corruption, down-time, and other problems that can result from lack of effective data management systems.

For example, did you know the following facts? --

* Approximately two-thirds of IS departments worldwide do not have a formal, centralized data backup and recovery program

* Strategic Research Corporation estimates the cost of recovering lost enterprise data at $2,500 per megabyte

* 80% of the data residing in today’s open systems environment is business critical

* The Gartner Group reports that many companies are experiencing 300% annual increases in the amount of data that needs to be managed

* 87% of the application restores made on enterprise networks are for individual documents or files.

Our company, TechnoStore Systems, provides effective, flexible data management, storage, back-up, and recovery solutions for over 250 Global 2000 companies worldwide.

Originally created in Bell Labs in 1988 to innovate data backup and restore capabilities using the computing network, TechnoStore Systems was recently spun off from AT&T Network Systems as an independent company and is now ranked by IDC as a leader in storage management software.

Among TechnoStore’s many successful implementations within AT&T:

* A software development organization for the AT&T Consumer and Small Business unit in Somerset, NJ uses TechnoStore technology to back up more than two dozen Oracle and Sybase databases averaging 10 GB each. The IS manager at the site says TechnoStore’s magneto-optical disks provide management, handling, and reliability superior to tape: “I can back up 3 terabytes of data seamlessly without a whole lot of work -- it is stable and quick.”

* The CFO group of the financial systems department for AT&T’s Business Markets division and Consumer and Small Business division uses a TechnoStore system. The system backs up 15 to 20 NCR servers in a Unix environment running a variety of financial applications using flat and database files. The customer comments: “It’s the only system that can go cross-platform with rapid recovery. We have never lost data with TechnoStore.” Random-access magneto-optical storage enables faster data restores than tape, which is a sequential medium.

* TechnoStore Systems backs up databases and system files used at a number of AT&T Customer Care call centers. “You can lay your fingers on backups in minutes,” comments one call center manager. “TechnoStore offers ease of use, speed, is not labor intensive, and is reliable. Tape is cumbersome, wears out, and is unreliable.” Like the call centers, TechnoStore support is available 24 X 7.

Within the last 12 months, TechnoStore Systems has experienced explosive growth, increasing revenues by 70% and doubling customer service staff. We’ve recently installed systems for Sprint, GTE, Siemens, and other major telecommunications companies. BUT AT&T CONTINUES TO REMAIN OUR #1 CUSTOMER.

TechnoStore offers its AT&T customers effective, centralized data management solutions customized to meet their specific data backup and recovery requirements. Today there are more than 100 TechnoStore systems within AT&T protecting over 30 terabytes of AT&T proprietary information:

* TechStore98—TechnoStore Systems’ integrated software suite—provides a complete storage management foundation including backup and recovery, disaster recovery, archiving, hierarchical storage management, and migration.

* Automated operation, centralized administration, high performance, application integration, and superior network manageability -- combined with almost unlimited scalability -- make TechnoStore98 the preferred choice for protecting data in AT&T networks.

* TechnoStore Professional Services provide you with everything you need to implement our solution successfully, from needs analysis, configuration planning, and design through customization, implementation, service, and support.


For a limited time, TechnoStore Systems is making these valuable FREE offers to AT&T customers and potential customers only. Please check as many as you would like to receive:

/ / FREE TechnoStore Advisor software -- enables you to analyze your data management needs and compare storage options costs

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