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By Robert W. Bly

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ExakTime Introduces First Rugged Wireless Time Clock
That Sends Records Every Hour Back to the Office

ExakTime, manufacturer of the number one time and attendance system in North America, has introduced the JobClock Hornet, the first rugged wireless time clock that sends electronic time records back to the office every hour.

The Hornet is housed in a weatherproof ABS plastic composite case. The rugged housing is built to last in any weather condition - rain, snow, sleet, frost, dust, or heat. The JobClock Hornet operates at temperatures ranging from minus 10o F to +170oF. Lightweight and portable with a 30-day rechargeable battery, the Hornet can be easily transferred between job sites.

With traditional paper time cards, the supervisor or foreman must physically collect the cards from each job site, resulting in additional man hours and added fuel costs. Hornet's wireless transmission eliminates the need to drive paper time records back to the office to process payroll; time records are sent over a highly reliable GSM network.

When using conventional time clocks, the payroll clerk typically receives paper time cards on Friday, creating a frenzy to prepare the payroll in time. Hornet makes 100% accurate, up-to-the-hour time records available to the payroll department 24/7 to help with payroll planning.

"It's amazing how easy it is to get time records from the field," says Gaby Mendez, Barber Webb Co., Los Angeles. "We've saved time, cut down on paperwork, and saved money in payroll too. I'd never go back to paper time cards!"

Payroll clerks typically spend many hours deciphering handwritten time cards, and then manually entering the information into their payroll accounting system. Hornet gets rid of the work and frustration of trying to read handwritten cards.

In addition, it's well known that employees fudge on their time cards. Even if employees exaggerate time worked by just 20 minutes per day, it could cost your company thousands in pay that wasn't earned.

JobClock Hornet, winner of the Good Design Award, requires workers to punch in and out with key tabs that precisely record hours worked. Employees cannot alter these numbers. With Hornet's 100% accurate digital time records, workers are only paid for the hours they actually work.

At work sites without AC power, ExakTime Hornet can run for 30 days on its rechargeable battery. The time clock can also run off AC power. A back-up battery prevents time records from being lost if the power fails.

With Hornet updating time records hourly, management can see how many employees are currently at the job site. Supervisors can make adjustments to work crew size based on this timely information. According to ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas, the Hornet can pay back its cost in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Founded in 1999, ExakTime is the construction industry's number one time and attendance system in North America. It is used every work day by more than 700,000 workers from dozens of industries in 121 countries. For more information, visit: www.exaktime.com

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