Dear Wealth Manager:

What do Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Haverford Investment Management, Vaughn Nelson Investment Management, BTC Wealth Management Group, SEI Investment, Saturna Capital, and Waddell & Reed Financial all have in common?

They are all registered investment advisors who expanded their businesses by launching their own trust companies.

Now, a new complimentary report shows how you too can attract new wealth and enhance your prestige by starting your own trust company.

Establishing your own trust company gives you a new profit center. You charge trustee fees and build equity ownership from clients rather than having those benefits go to third-party banks and trust companies.

Your advisor-owned trust company can enhance your credibility. It transforms a wealth manager into an institution. A sign of stability and seriousness, having a trust company shows that you are deeply committed to serving the needs of your affluent clients for the long run.

“An advisor won’t be able to compete with the Merrill Lynches and Morgan Stanleys for $5+ million accounts without an onboard trust company,” says Doug Danemiller of the Aite Group. “The advisor has to provide trust advice because anybody that has five million or more needs to be certain that wealth gets passed safely and tax efficiently to future generations.”

According to research from Trust & Estates Magazine, over 70% of households with $1 million or more of investable assets are associated with a trust. And the number of trusts has doubled since 1997.

“A trust company belonged as the centerfold in our suite of services,” says Daryl Bank, Founder, Dominion Trust Company. “Having an in-house trust company sends a signal to customers that we can do it all.”

Advisor Christopher Holtby, CEO of Wealth Advisors Trust, saw the trust company he and his partners established in South Dakota go from zero to $70 million in just 3 months!

Why South Dakota? The state’s popularity as a trust center is due to three factors: progressive trust company legislation … a pro-business government … and cooperative entry requirements for new players.

Thanks to key new incentives, including the strongest asset protection rules in the country, South Dakota has now become the favored state for establishing trust companies. And you can continue to make investment decisions for trust company clients from any state, including your own.

In our complimentary report “Launching a South Dakota Trust Company,” you will discover:

>> Why more and more independent advisors are offering trust services to their clients. Page 3.

>> 6 valuable functions a South Dakota trust company can enable you to perform. Page 4.

>> 6 advantages of hosting a collective investment trust fund arrangement. Page 8.

>> 9 reasons to set up your trust company in South Dakota. Page 7.

>> 5 steps to creating your own trust company. Page 11.

Launching a South Dakota trust company can give you a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. You’ll gain firmer control of your accounts, new opportunities to attract bigger accounts, and greater wealth protection under powerful asset protection laws – with no corporate or state income taxes.

To download a complimentary copy of our “Launching a South Dakota Trust Company” special report, click below now:

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Les Revzon, President

Advisors Institutional Services, LLC.

P.S. At Advisors Institutional Services, we specialize in helping advisors start and operate their own trust companies. We do all the work, so you don’t have to add office space or staff. Launching your own trust company is easier than you’d think. To find out the details, download your complimentary report on starting your own South Dakota trust company now: