A shameless bribe to get you back….

Dear Charter Subscriber:

I’m telling you, my friend, the left in this country is on the run. And they haven’t been this vulnerable in a long time.

That’s why I was shocked … and saddened … when my publisher showed me the list of The Limbaugh Letter readers who let their subscriptions lapse – and your name was on it!

To bring you back, we’re offering a shameless bribe -- the next issue (or two) of The Limbaugh Letter are yours absolutely FREE – my gift to you-- when you rejoin us today!

While we may have won the election … and I am supremely confident in the power of my ideas to defeat the left in the arena of ideas … the battle is far from over.

Because when liberals are out of power, they are at their most desperate – AND dangerous. And don’t forget: they still control the mainstream media, hypnotically transmitting their misrepresentations and untruths nightly during the TV news.

Being the loveable fuzz ball that I am, I do not want you unprepared to face the left and their outrageous propaganda. The news, analysis, and informed opinions in each issue of The Limbaugh Letter are your essential weapons in the fight against the lunatic left … weapons that I don’t want you to do without.

And so, we are making you this special, one-time-only offer: Renew your subscription to The Limbaugh Letter within the next 11 days, and I’ll send you FREE ISSUES!

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And then, the next time your liberal friends mouth some inane platitudes about “saving the Earth,” cutting the defense budget, multiculturalism, or outcome-based education, don’t let it pass.

Instead, hand them the latest issue of The Limbaugh Letter. Their feeble logic will not be able to withstand the scathing truths and cogent arguments for conservative ideas found on each and every page.

You, they, and America will be the better for it.