Gigapet Press Release
By Robert W. Bly

FROM: Microchip Gardens, 174 Holland Avenue; New Milford, NJ 07646
CONTACT: Bob Bly, phone 201-385-1220

For immediate release


When 7-year-old Alex Bly's gigapet died after he dropped it in the toilet, he couldn't find a place to bury it. So his father, NJ-based entrepreneur Bob Bly, created Microchip Gardens -- the world's first gigapet cemetery -- in the family's suburban backyard.

Now if your child's gigapet dies and can't be revived, instead of unceremoniously tossing it in the trash, you can give it a proper burial in a beautiful, tree-lined resting place.

For fees starting at $5, based on plot location and method of interment (burial, mausoleum, cremation), Bly will give your dearly departed gigapet an eternal resting place in Microchip Gardens, complete with funeral service and burial certificate.

“Even gigapets don't last forever,” said Bly. “There are pet cemeteries for dogs and cats; now gigapets have one too."

To help owners get the most pleasure from gigapet ownership, Bly -- author of 35 published books including The “I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford” Book (Kensington) and The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book (HarperCollins) -- has written an informative new booklet, “Raising Your Gigapet.” The booklet covers such topics as purchasing your first gigapet; taking the pet home; care and feeding; and play and discipline. Gigapet burial rituals and the origins of Microchip, Gardens are also covered.

To get your copy of “Raising Your Gigapet,” which includes complete information on the Microchip Gardens gigapet cemetery, send $4 to: CTC, 22 E. Quackenbush Avenue, Dumont, NJ 07628.

Bob Bly
Copywriter, Consultant and Seminar Leader
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