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800SameDay Press Release
By Robert W. Bly

Topic: press release
Date: 9-5-00

For Immediate Release
Contact: Norman Freeman, Associated Global Systems, 800-491-6461
The new shipping portal for the era

New 800SameDay service offers fast, reliable,
same-day pick-up and delivery of shipments to meet
customer expectations in the Internet Age.

New Hyde Park, NY -- “The Internet has dramatically speeded up all facets of society, with consumer and business customers facing more time pressures and tighter deadlines than ever before,” says Norman Freeman, president, 800SameDay.

This revolutionary new Same Day shipping service -- which offers same-day shipping to any zip code in North America regardless of weight -- is dramatically speeding up the pace at which businesses of all types can get their products into the hands of impatient, time-sensitive customers.

“Thanks in part to the new economy and the fast growth of the Internet, there is a revolution in the shipping industry, because customers want delivery today, not tomorrow, whether they are across town or across the country,” says Freeman.

Overnight is no longer the de facto standard for fast shipping, therefore 800SameDay was created as a new service standard for today’s digital economy.

A new shipping standard for the marketplace

“We live in the Age of Now,” says Freeman. “Customers are more demanding than ever. They want everything yesterday. As Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts comments, ‘We move faster than ever, but never quite fast enough.’ Well, 800SameDay is the only shipping service that moves fast enough to serve customers in the new Internet age.”

800SameDay was developed especially to cater to industrial companies as well as companies and other adaptive enterprises that want to meet the needs of today’s customers:

• 800SameDay is designed for businesses that require faster shipping than the overnight delivery FedEx, UPS, or Express Mail provide. Packages are picked up and delivered the same day, not the next day.

• With 8,000 daily flights from 400 locations plus a fleet of couriers, vans, and trailers, 800SameDay can offer prompt, same-day shipments to virtually every zip code in North America -- even evenings, Sundays, and holidays.

• 800SameDay handles shipments of any weight and size, with special packing for sensitive high-tech electronics.

• 800SameDay offers 5 levels of service to meet every need: Next Flight Out delivery within 6-8 hours anywhere in the U.S.; SameDay Heavyweight for shipments over 70 pounds; SameDay Regional ground delivery within 600 miles of origin; SameDay Local to every U.S. zip code; and SameDay Charter, which charters an aircraft just for your shipment.

Yet the cost of 800SameDay is “surprisingly affordable,” says Freeman, who notes that “the rates for 800SameDay can actually be lower than the premium overnight service of UPS and FedEx.” Clients include Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes, Borders Inc., Becton Dickinson, Maybelline, and Eckerd Drug Corp.

An e-business shipping portal on the World Wide Web

Through the new Web site, anyone -- anywhere in the country -- can now order same-day pick-up and delivery of parcels on the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers may also order a same day pick-up by phoning toll-free 800-SAME-DAY.

Visitors to the 800SameDay Web site can access rates, get price quotes, and track the status of shipments including ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) and confirmation of delivery.

The site also provides information on other Associated Global Systems shipping, distribution, logistics, warehouse, and fulfillment services. Associated can customize transportation services to meet specific needs. For some of its computer hardware clients, for example, Associated packs, unpacks, installs the equipment, and even removes the empty packing crates and shows the recipient how to operate the system.

NOTE: 800SameDay is a subsidiary of Associated Global Systems, a full-service shipping and logistics company that has been meeting the transportation needs of business since 1958.

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