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By Robert W. Bly

FROM: SRW Technologies, 4521 101 St., Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5C6
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New PTA plasma welding system has deposition
speeds up to 3X faster than conventional technologies

Edmonton, Canada -- SRW Technologies has introduced a new plasma-transferred arc (PTA) welding system that performs at deposition speeds up to three times faster than competing technologies, announced Steve Cwiak, a Vice President with the firm.

SRW’s high-tech PTA welding system, the only one of its kind in North America, deposits metal alloys on metal surfaces at rates of up to 55 pounds per hour, compared with 20 pounds per hour for conventional plasma, gas-tungsten, and oxy-acetylene welding technologies. The PTA system can work with metal powder, wire, powder-filled wire, and rods.

The key to the PTA system’s greater speed is a new plasma arc transfer system consisting of a solid state DC power source, process controller, and unique plasma torch with hermetically sealed cooling and gas-flow systems. No torch sealing is needed, eliminating micro-leakage in the ionation zone. High-speed flow of the cooling medium enables the PTA system to handle extremely high thermal loads.

The PTA can be fitted with transfer systems to process any part, even those with complex shapes and narrow tolerances. Anodes, capable of up to 150 hours of continuous operation, snap out and in for quick replacement, as do the torches, providing maximum flexibility for the plasma beam’s geometrical configuration. Single-pass coating thickness ranges from 14 mm down to 1.5 mm.

When used to deposit powder metal alloys on a substrate, the PTA system has a dilution level of 5 to 7 percent vs. submerged arc systems which can dilute the base metal by as much as 40 percent. Combined with a narrow heat-affected zone, the PTA system’s low dilution rate prevents undesired substrate changes and can enhance the alloy’s wear performance in numerous applications for manufacturing wear-plate components. It also results in a smooth surface finish for easier and quicker finishing and machining.

Other advantages include easy maintenance, low operating costs, enhanced operator safety, precise plasma beam control, superior reliability, and high melting capacity.

SRW Technologies has significant expertise in analyzing a broad variety of industrial wear problems and applying alloys under diverse conditions. Products include the PTA welding system, PTA and flame powders, welding rods, wires, and wear-resistant parts.

For more information on the PTA system, contact: SRW Technologies, 4521 101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5C6, phone 888-288-4833. Or visit the SRW Web site at


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