Unique Truck Equipment Press Release
By Robert W. Bly

FROM: Unique Truck Equipment, P.O. 8798, Grand Rapids, MI 49518
CONTACT: Dick Stillwell, phone 1-800-777-4855

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New FREE expanded 40-page Truck Safety and Maintenance Products
Buyer’s Guide Available from Unique Truck Equipment

Unique Truck Equipment, a supplier of specialty truck products to fleet managers nationwide for over half a decade, has just released the new edition of its quarterly publication, page Truck Safety and Maintenance Products Buyer’s Guide.

A $5 value, the new buyer’s guide is available free of charge to professionals in trucking and transportation—divers, mechanics, managers, owners, and purchasing agents.

The expanded 40-page guide features specialty products designed to help fleets increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, minimize down-time, and maximize worker and driver safety.

Products featured range from the Tiger Stud Installer, which enables mechanics to install 10 studs in under 30 minutes without taking the hub off….to the Back Buddy, a patented device that prevents back injuries when servicing heavy duty drums. Other items include yoke pullers, slack adjuster pullers, bolt-on steps, dollies, the inflators, transmission jacks, torque sticks, oil-drain systems, organizing systems, safety training videos, and more.

One added bonus: According to Dick Stillwell, president of Unique Truck Equipment, competitive pricing is guaranteed. “If you ever find one of our products advertised at a lower price, we’ll match it for up to 30 days after your purchase. That way, you always get a competitive price on every product you buy from us,” says Stillwell. All purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

For a free copy of the Unique Truck Safety and Maintenance Products Buyer’s Guide, contact page Unique Truck Equipment, P.O. 8798, Grand Rapids, MI 49518, phone 1-800-777-4855, fax 616-245-4918.

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