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Dear ETR Subscriber:

Right now you are getting Early to Rise (ETR)- MMF's "business success coaching service" - daily via e-mail.

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Why are we offering this free gift to you? Here's the story....

My name is Lisa Bruette, Associate Publisher of ETR.

Originally, ETR was started by MMF as an e-mail advisory to send to a few close friends, colleagues, employees at his companies, and other associates.

Its purpose: To get them "unstuck" from the bad habits that are holding them back - and help them achieve outrageous success in every area of their life: business, career, relationships, family, self-improvement, health, personal productivity, and wealth.

But there's a problem.

As you can imagine, coming up with fresh, insightful daily messages -- proven money-making ideas that really work, in the real world -- takes a lot of time, research, and effort.

I had to hire a full-time researcher, an editor, and a database administrator (to manage o! ur growing database of over 44,000 subscribers). That's a lot of overhead.

MMF wants to help people. He doesn't need to make a profit on ETR.

But I hate to lose money for my boss (MMF doesn't like it, either). And even with advertising, ETR doesn't cover its cost. If our losses get too big, especially as our subscriber base grows, we may have to consider the unthinkable: cutting some folks from our subscriber list or even shutting down ETR altogether.

To stop that from ever happening, I'm asking you for help - completely voluntary help.

To support ETR, and make it possible for MMF to be your "success advisor" without him paying the full cost out of his own pocket, we are asking you to go to http://www.earlytorise.com/ocfreegift and volunteer to pay for your subscription.

When I brought up the idea of asking you to pay for ETR, MMF winced. I pushed and pushed, handing him monthly operating expense reports showing tha! t ETR is bleeding red.

MMF studied the reports for quite some time, frowning. Then he said finally, "Okay, Lisa. But if you're going to ask for money from our ETR readers, I'm going to give them the storefront."

So here's the deal....

In exchange for a small voluntary payment, you will immediately become part of our new ETR "Inner Circle" ... and receive powerful additional benefits regular ETR subscribers don't get.


1. A FREE Personal DataBank.

2. FREE unlimited access to the ETR Web site, where Inner Circle members can search over 500 back issues of ETR with a quick-reference index feature. (With a message every business day, our valuable ETR archives are growing by over 250 new messages each year.)

3. Priority access to MMF himself. MMF is too busy to answer most of his e-mails. But when you become an ETR Inner Circle member, your communications will get priority. Either I will get back to you promptly with a res! ponse. Or, you may hear from MMF personally.

4. A FREE copy of MMF's "Personal Success Library" - 3 exclusive money-making reports available only to Inner Circle subscribers.


� "The 10 Most Important Discoveries I've Made About Becoming Wealthy" - 10 really important truths about making money - specific things MMF has done to make millions - that will work just as well for you. Tip #1 alone can put an extra million dollars into your pocket over your lifetime!

� "Living Rich" MMF's personal guide to having a multi-millionaire lifestyle on a normal person's budget. (Imagine how multi-millionaires can live on this plan!) Discover how you can drink champagne and eat caviar on a beer-and-hot-dogs budget.

� "You Can Negotiate ANYTHING -- Better Than The Other Guy" -- MMF has bought and sold numerous businesses, properties, art, classic cars, investments ... and in this report, he shares his secrets for negotiating the most favor! able price and terms.

Now, what does it cost to join MMF's "Inner Circle"? That's entirely up to you.

The "recommended" payment is just 39 cents per message -- giving you access to a multi-millionaire as your personal success coach, all year long, for less than 4 dimes a day.

But you don't have to pay that much. If you can't afford four dimes a day, you can pay less -- whatever you'd like. You choose the amount you want to pay.

And, by locking in your low Inner Circle membership rate today, you avoid future price increases. No missed issues, and you never pay more!

(Of course, if you feel ETR is extremely valuable, you can elect to pay a higher fee. A number of our subscribers, grateful for the results MMF's advice has helped them achieve, do just that!)

Hundreds of people credit MMF for helping them attain a level of wealth, success, and independence they never thought possible. Do you really want to stop receiving his helpful - and practical - daily e-mail commun! iqu�s ... especially when it costs just a few dimes a day?

Go to http://www.earlytorise.com/ocfreegift today to join the ETR Inner Circle - and ensure that your ETR service  continues without interruption. You'll be glad you did.


Lisa Bruette, Associate Publisher
Early to Rise

P.S. Reply within 3 days and you will receive a 4th free bonus report, "MMF's Personal Productivity Secrets" - MMF's best time management and organization techniques, guaranteed to give you at least one hour of extra productive time every day.

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