7 ways to Profit from Buying Exchange Traded Funds

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Do not � I repeat, do not -- buy a single Exchange-Traded Fund � until you read our urgent report by clicking here now.

Yes, Exchange-Traded Funds can help you make big profits in equity indexes. But the conventional wisdom on how to trade ETFs is all wrong -- and its bad advice can cost you a small fortune.

A successful trader for over 30 years, Peter Way knows the right way � the profitable way � to buy and sell ETFs. And his track record proves it.

Of the 339 recommendations Peter has made in the top 50 ETFs over the past year, 323 were winners. That�s a 95% success rate.

Even better, his winning ETF picks averaged a gain of nearly 13%, while losing recommendations averaged a loss of just 2.4%.

The bottom line: annualized gain for all of Peter Way�s ETF recommendations works out to a market-clobbering 115%!

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7 ways you can profit from ETFs, but �.

Since 2003, of the literally hundreds of ETF recommendations Peter Way has given his readers, 76% have outperformed the market.

But even without Peter�s proprietary trading system for maximizing ETF profits, Exchange-Traded Funds give the average investor an easy, safe, reliable way to earn handsome returns from market indices.

If you are not trading ETFs, just look at all the advantages you�re missing out on:

  1. You can sell ETFs short � to profit from falling stock prices � even during a market rout. Unlike individual stocks, ETFs are exempt from the uptick rule.
  2. ETFs can be bought and sold instantaneously on major stock exchanges vs. mutual funds which trade at end-of-day prices. You can buy and sell ETFs all day, even after the stock exchange has closed. That means you�re in control of your entry and exit price all day long.
  3. You can choose from more than 100 ETFs to track virtually any index in the world, from the NASDAQ to the Malaysian stock market.
  4. ETF�s have a favorable tax profile because you do not suffer capital gains distributions when your fellow investors sell shares. Reason: the underlying stocks are traded, not sold.
  5. You can trade ETFs with stop-loss orders, sharply limiting your downside risk.
  6. Annual management fees and expenses are extremely modest compared to most mutual funds. There are no 12-b-1 fees, sales loads, or exit charges. And no minimum investment requirement.
  7. You can leverage your ETF trades by buying on margins, just like with individual stocks � giving you the potential for enormous gains.

Traded in the conventional way, ETFs offer solid profits: For instance, one of the five largest ETFs, MidCap SPDR Trust 1 SMC, outperformed the S&P 500 by 29% over the past 3 years.

But there is another way � a better way � to trade ETFs. That is Peter Way�s way. And you can find out the secret FREE by clicking here now.

Follow the �smart money� to big ETF profits!

In his advisory service Block Traders ETF Monitor, Peter Way tips the odds of big ETF profits in your favor by following the �smart money� � specifically, the block traders.

�Block traders� are the brokers that deal in large-volume transactions for the benefit of their clients � mutual funds, pension funds, bank trust departments, insurance companies, endowments, hedge funds, and other major institutional investment organizations.

Since ETFs are relatively new and often mispriced by the market, they create an enormous profit opportunity � an opportunity block traders are eagerly taking advantage of.

So, if you and I want to make real money in the market, we have to follow the �smart money� � and in ETFs, that�s the block traders.

Well, Peter Way � Wharton-educated economist, Harvard MBA, who in his 40+ years of investment experience has earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, has been a past president of the Financial Analysts Society of San Diego, a member of the editorial board of the Financial Analysts Journal, a VP at Citibank, and a contributor to Forbes magazine � can help you do just that!

For decades, Peter rigorously tracked and analyzed the buy/sell activities of the �smart money� equity block traders. His research database covers block trading for more than 2,000 stocks, indices, funds, ADRs, and ETFs.

And here�s what he�s found: Because these block traders are trading millions of dollars in their firm�s capital, they cannot afford to be wrong.

Therefore, they take out �insurance� on their ETF trades by buying options. It�s by tracking how much they pay for the options protection that lets you and I ride on the coattails of the big block traders � and, by following their lead, make big money with ETFs.

And that�s where Peter Way and his advisory Block Traders� ETF Monitor can help.

By �spying� on the block traders in this perfectly legal and above board manner (tracking the volume of their options purchases), Peter Way has generated a whopping 115% total return since July 2003! That�s far beyond the average ETF�s return.

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Profits of more than 2,000%!

Decades of watching, researching, and trading stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs have paid off handsomely for Peter Way � and now he passes those profits on to you!

�Because ETFs are relatively new instruments, they frequently provide above-average opportunities to capitalize on price swings as market circumstances change,� says Way.

�In Block Traders� ETF Monitor, we have selected those 50 or so ETFs and indexes where block traders have best demonstrated their ability to identify profitable purchase and sale conditions.�

Among his recent winners:

  • Broker-Dealer Index � 2,154% average annualized gain.
  • MS Consumer Index � 23.9% average annualized gain.
  • Oil Service Trust Holders � 818.9% average annualized gain.
  • Diamonds Trust � 38.33% average annualized gain.
  • GSTI Internal Index � 188.8% average annualized gain.
  • Russell 3000 Growth i-Shares � 34.0% average annualized gain.
  • Utilities Holders � 43.2% average annualized gain.

Do block traders � the �smart money� on Wall Street � really have an edge in buying and selling ETFs?

Consider these facts: During the last 3 years, the S&P 500 index lost 5% per year on a long-term, buy-and-hold basis.

But if you had bought and sold the S&P 500 at the same time as the ETFs, you would have had a gain of 34.8% a year!

Best of all, Peter Way�s Block Trader�s ETF Monitor has done even better. Since July, his featured Exchange Traded Funds have gained a total of 125%!

Try it FREE for 30 days

Today there are more than 100 Exchange Traded Funds approaching a combined $100 billion in assets.

An article on Brill.com states, �ETFs are an excellent tool for building a low-cost, tax-efficient, global asset allocation strategy.�

And USA Today notes, �ETFs sidestep some of the scams revealed in the mutual fund trading scandal.�

The �smart money� knows how to win with ETFs � and by following these block traders, Peter Way and his subscribers do too.

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