Top 5 Hot Stocks to Invest in When Timed Right


Dear Investor:

Can you make money with market timing? Or is it a load of horse manure?

The surprising answer to the age-old question -- �Does market-timing work?� � is revealed in a new, informative special report � written by a wealthy trader with a 40-year track record in the field.

His ability to time profitable trades is legendary among professional traders. For instance, his �Hyperion� model gave him a sell signal for Enron in May 2001 at $54. He told his readers: �Short this stock!�

Shortly after, the Enron scandal hit, and brought the company down to the brink along with the rest of the country�s troubled energy-traders.

In July, he told his readers to cover their short positions at $1. Had you traded 1,000 shares of Enron according to his advice, you would have pocketed a $53,000 profit in just 10 weeks!

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For years, �Does market timing work?� was the most argued-about aspect of the stock market.

Finally, in the Summer of 1992, the prestigious �Journal of Portfolio Management� published a definitive study on market timing.

The authors tracked the performance of several dozen market-timing services. And here�s what they found:

The top 10 market-timing services generated annual gains ranging from 16.83% to 21.97%; average return was 19.02%.

By comparison, the S&P 500 returned 14.85% during that same period. That means the timing services outperformed the market by more than 28%!

The difference between the 19.02% the market timers earned and the 14.85% the S&P 500 returned may not seem terribly significant.

But it is.

On an initial investment of $100,000, after 10 years your portfolio following the market timers recommendations would be worth $570,430.

By comparison, the portfolio invested in the S&P 500 during that same period would be worth just $399,310.

The bottom line: an extra $171,120 in pure profit, earned by properly timing the market. That�s enough to pay several years of tuition at a top university or buy the luxury car of your dreams.

In another important study, Pu Shen, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, tracked the performance of 5 market-timing portfolios. Mr. Shen reports: �Four (out of five of the market-timing portfolios) outperformed the market index.�

So yes, Virginia, market timing works! (In fact, actor Ben Stein, who is also a noted economist, recently wrote a book titled �Yes, You Can Time the Market.�)


There are a ton of market-timing services out there. But at Forbes, we endorse only one: Curtis Hesler�s Professional Timing Service.

Since 1978, his timing models have repeatedly proven themselves to be the best � and most accurate - in the business. Overall, it is accurate around 75% of the time.

In February 2002, Curt�s Hyperion timing model generated a sell signal for Microsoft.

Curt told his readers to short Microsoft, which was around $60 at the time. �My experience with a big dominant company like Microsoft is that every institution has the stock in its portfolio and is reluctant to sell it,� he says. �Net redemptions in mutual funds force the sale of these types of issues, causing them to give up ground.�

When Microsoft fell to $40, he covered his short positions, and on a thousand shares of Microsoft, you would have made a quick $20,000 profit.

PTS subscribers who followed Curt�s trades also made 41% on his Rydex Gold portfolio � 38% on eBay � 48% on Amazon � 30% on Pan American � 62% on Calpine � 279% on Arch Coal � 74% on Cisco Systems � 194% on Westmoreland � 74% on Consol Energy � and 166% on PanAm Silver.

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Not only does Curt buy at the right time, but also in the right area, concentrating on whatever sectors his Hyperion model tells him are poised for explosive growth.

According to Curt, the weak dollar is causing investors to reallocate assets from equities to natural resources. �Energy and precious metals are particularly attractive,� he says.

Right now, Curt�s Professional Timing Service has identified 5 hot stocks ready to explode.

His list includes:

** HOT STOCK #1 -- Enerplus Resources is a Canadian oil and natural gas producer. By owning Enerplus, you own oil and gas, a valuable tangible asset, in Canadian dollars, which stand to appreciate further against the U.S. dollar.

** HOT STOCK #3 -- This company is one of the largest oil and gas royalty trusts in North America. It earns a whopping 99% royalty from some of the best gas-producing properties on the continent. The CEO is forecasting 30% to 40% annual growth, but even if they do half of that, we would come out very well as investors. The stock also pays an annual dividend of over 10%.

** HOT STOCK #5 � The dollar is falling and gold is in a bull market. The timing is right for gold stocks, especially this junior mining company that runs one of the richest gold mines in the world. .

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Matthew Schifrin
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Forbes Newsletter Group

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