Discover Ken Kam's Guide to Earning More Than 50% Investment Profits

Why do so many financial advisors ultimately disappoint their readers with poor performance?

Dear Investor:

Now, billion-dollar fund manager Ken Kam has uncovered the definitive, logical answer . . . and is using it to earn stellar profits of 50%, 69%, 75%, even 125% for his clients.

(Ken Kam's mutual fund, Firsthand Funds, rose more than 600% from 1998 to 2000, growing to $1 billion in assets under management.)

One Forbes writer says Kam's idea is "a brilliant solution to a thorny problem . . . the inability of financial advisors to outperform the market over a sustained period of time."

And now, as a preferred Forbes customer, you are cordially invited to try Ken's unique idea, which he calls "Marketocracy."

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What the newsletter publishers don't want you to know.

"Marketocracy" is based on a concept that, on the surface, seems blatantly obvious, but is in fact quite original and ingenious.

It's this. . ..

The reason that all financial advisors run hot and cold is that NO system, style, or strategy works in every market.

Makes sense, doesn't it? After all, a guru who specializes in gold isn't going to generate a good return for his readers when the yellow metal is in a bear market.

So, if you stick with one single system or advisor, you'll eventually start to lose money (often a LOT of money) when his luck runs out.

And that's where Ken Kam has a better idea, which he calls Marketocracy, meaning "Market Democracy."

"Marketocracy is really a democratization of the investing world," explains Ken.

"There are all of these great stock pickers out there that you never hear about. By selecting the most competent of them and then riding the hottest ones while they're on a streak, you can make a lot of money."

Ken's approach in Marketocracy is to help his readers find out who the best-performing investors are today, and buy only the top stocks in their portfolios!

Marketocracy was an idea Ken had years ago, but has only recently been made practical thanks to the new online technology.

Using the Internet, Ken and his team built a database of 70,000 successful investors in every U.S. state and 75 countries. For 4 years, the Marketocracy database has tracked their activity over 12,000 stock positions and 5 million trades.

These top investors weren't picked by throwing darts at a board: they all boast enviable three-year track records, many of them profiled in the pages of Forbes and Business Week.

The list includes. . .

. . .Kevin Fravel, whose Fravel's Mutual Fund returned 127% gain since inception compared to a 40.7% loss for the S&P 500 during the same period.

. . .Colin Williams's portfolio of health stocks gained 86% in one year vs. the S&P 500 Healthcare Index which lost 5% during that time.

. . .John Woodbyrne, a bond trader whose picks generated a 12-month return of 160%.

The Marketocracy advisory service analyzes and ranks the performance of these 55,000 investors monthly ... and selects the top 100 for our "M100" list -- representing the 100 investors in the U.S. who are getting the best returns for the month.

We then give you their top picks, which are added to our "M100" Portfolio.

For instance, we made:

* 125.62% profit on Air T.

* 50.44% profit on CanArgo Energy.

* 73.06% profit on Futuremedia.

* 62.57% profit on Biolase Technology.

* 58.61% profit on JetBlue.

* 75.87% profit on Pain Therapeutics.

* 69.08% profit on Nordic American Tanker.

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Own shares in the companies the 100 most successful investors are buying today!

Marketocracy tracks the buying activity among the top 100 investors each month . . . and recommends those companies that are seeing significant buying activity from these top investors. Explains Ken: "I founded Marketocracy to track the investment decisions of the best investors in the world and then to invest with the best." 

The companies Marketocracy is recommending today include:

** A global telecommunications giant with voice and data networks that link over 200 countries and 6 continents. Within the last 2 1/2 months, the M100 investors have increased their existing positions in the company by over 20%.

** An energy company involved in international offshore drilling and exploration of developmental oil and gas wells. Reacting to the news of ongoing shortfalls in oil and natural gas supplies, and the skyrocketing price of a barrel of crude, M100 investors increased their holdings in this company by 54% over the last 2 weeks.

** Another oil play, this company owns a fleet of 42 tankers that transport seaborne crude oil. The company has a market cap of $1.18 billion and a P/E of 8.8. The M100 investors have increased their holdings in this company 50% over the last 6 months.

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How to double your stock market profits at half the risk!

Since its inception in November 2001, Marketocracy's "M100" Portfolio is up 71% . . . compared to a paltry 5% return for the S&P 500 during that same period!

In 2003, the Marketocracy portfolio returned 51.5% compared to 25.4% for the S&P 500 . . . but it carried a beta of 0.53 vs. the S&P 500's 1.0 -- almost double the profits at half the risk!

Now you can benefit from the insight of the M100 with Marketocracy Marketscope newsletter, a comprehensive analysis of the M100's outlook, strategy, and strongest stock selections.

In every issue of Marketocracy you get:

* Stocks & Stats -- the companies the 100 hottest investors are buying right now, and the reasons why.

* Timely Stock Alert Updates -- performance and trading activity recaps of recommended stocks from previous issues.

* Sector Focus -- a close-up look at the sectors in which the best investors are finding the most opportunities.

* Market outlook -- trends and insights from the M100.

* Focal Point -- tips from editor Ken Kam to help you become a better investor.

For as little as 41 cents a day, you can get current, up-to-the-minute stock picks from today's investment masters . . . the top 55,000 in the country, and more specifically, the 100 investors whose portfolios are generating the highest returns right now.

It's a strategy that's both safe and profitable, beating the S&P 500 8 out of the last 11 quarters, with about half the risk.

If you're not 100% satisfied, simply cancel and you will receive a full and prompt refund of your entire subscription fee (monthly subscriptions do not apply). It's that easy!

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Charles Morgan
Associate Publisher
Forbes Newsletters Group

P.S. Remember, with almost every financial advisory you subscribe to, the editor is going to run hot and cold.

Only Marketocracy gives you the ability to invest only with those advisors who are generating the best performance RIGHT NOW . . . not last month, last week, or last year.

P.P.S. If you are not completely satisfied with Marketocracy, you may cancel and receive a full and prompt refund (does not apply to monthly subscriptions).

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