Dear Mr. Spinrad,

We need your help. And here's why...

The North Jersey Philharmonic has run out of money.  In fact, we're $11,754 in debt.

The reason is that putting on classical concerts is expensive. But we like to keep our ticket prices affordable. As a result, ticket sales cover only half our costs.

So, unless we raise $11,754 within the next 10 weeks, we may be forced to close our doors forever - and our live classical music concerts in NJ will come to an end.

If you love classical music - if you take pride in New Jersey - and if you want NJ youth to hear something besides rap and hip hop...

If you want living in NJ to be a culturally enriching experience for you and your family ... and if you are sick and tired of NJ being the butt of so many jokes...

Then a small donation from you can help save the North Jersey Philharmonic from oblivion.

For less than the price of a CD, you have the power to make a lasting contribution to the arts in New Jersey.

And keep the sounds of Beethoven and Brahms, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Schubert alive here in NJ for another year of great music!

But I urge you to hurry. Our budget is nearly gone (in fact, I don't have money for the postage to write you again, so this may be the last request you receive from me).

To keep the beautiful music of the North Jersey Philharmonic playing for another year, please take a minute to send us a check for whatever you can afford. Do it today, while the enclosed donor card is still handy.




James Biddlecome, Musical Director

P.S. Having a first-rate Philharmonic Orchestra in NJ helps attract new businesses and residents to the state - making our economy stronger and keeping your taxes lower.

P.P.S. Your contribution to the North Jersey Philharmonic is 100% tax deductible.