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Love him or hate him, stock analysts know that George Gilder -- in both the short-term and the long run -- has made a small fortune for his Gilder Technology Report subscribers.

How? By investing in a tiny group of innovative and (for the most part) little-known companies that are building tomorrow's key technologies 2 to 5 years ahead of their competitors.

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$100,000 becomes $223,500 in just 12 months

Despite the tech-stock meltdown of April 2000, and the subsequent 3-year bear market in high tech, overall Gilder has continued to earn handsome profits for his readers.

Since its launch in 1996, the Gilder Technology Report has comfortably doubled the returns of the S&P 500--through both bull and bear years.

In 2003, the market began to come out of its 3-year bear slump into a gradual recovery, and Gilder Technology Report subscribers profited handsomely, with an annual gain of 123.5%. (as of 12/31/2003)

Had you invested $100,000 in GTR's companies in 2003, your portfolio would have grown to $223,500 -- in just 12 months. But don't just take our word for it. Check out the January 2004 issue of the Hulbert Financial Digest. It's right there in black and white, Gilder Technology Report up 123.5% in 2003.

In 2004, George Gilder remains cautiously optimistic about the new bull market in technology.

Much the same as he did in 1999, Gilder has identified a handful of core technologies -- and within those technologies, half a dozen or so key companies poised to dominate these niches.

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FREE Special Report #1: "The China Phenomenon"

While the stock market crash of April 2000 signaled the start of a prolonged slump in high-tech in the U.S., these same industries are doing business like gangbusters overseas.

The most lucrative market for technology in the world right now is China. The population is 1.3 billion people (4 times as large as the U.S.). And the economy has grown at 10.9% a year since 1979.

Yet only 4.3% of the Chinese have Internet access ... 5% own PCs ... and 12.8% have cell phones.

Gilder's new report, "The China Phenomenon," looks at the incredible business opportunities in China for high-tech ... and profiles the 2 companies he feels are the best "pure plays" on Chinese high-tech today.

(One is about to open the largest foundry for semiconductor manufacturing on the Asian continent. George predicts it will be the biggest Chinese IPO of 2004.)

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FREE Special Report #2: "The Analog Chip Revolution"

"Analog chips" are high-speed integrated circuits used in analog (non-computer) devices like cameras, radios, cars, and television sets.

Carver Mead created the breakthrough in analog chips in 1991 when, in his CalTech lab, he created the "retinal camera" -- a camera that operates in an analog fashion much like a real human retina.

(You can read the full story of analog chips and Carver Mead in Gilder's new report, "The Analog Chip Revolution.")

One of Gilder's favorite stocks is Foveon, a Carver Mead company that is 30% owned by National Semiconductor.

Foveon just announced a next-generation silicon imager that will finally overthrow photographic film. Owning Foveon is as close to a "can't-lose" proposition as you can find in high-tech: Mead's breakthrough analog chip technology ... backed by the cash, fabrication capacity, and global sales and marketing support of National Semiconductor.

(We also discuss National Semiconductor, another of our companies, in the report -- up some 200% since we first recommended it.)

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FREE Special Report #3: "Broadband Rides Again"

High rates of taxation and regulatory strangleholds have put a damper on broadband in the U.S., ultimately leading to the downfall of once-promising broadband upstarts like Qwest and Global Crossing.

But broadband is alive and thriving in Korea, a booming market of 48 million.

In your third free report, "Broadband Rides Again," you'll learn why Korea, with half of America's per capita wealth, commands at least 40 times more capita bandwidth, both wired and wireless, than the U.S. does.

(The Koreans charge as little as $12 a month for between five and eight megabits per second ... and are rolling out new 50 megabit per second services to 2 million users in January 2004. American service providers charge around $40 per month for well under one megabit per second.)

"Broadband Rides Again" gives you Gilder's investment recommendations on two companies in the forefront of building Korea's broadband network.

One of these is a pioneer in CDMA and the largest Korean wireless carrier. (George Gilder predicted the success of Qualcomm, inventor of CDMA, years before the company went public -- and investors who bought Qualcomm at the IPO saw a 2,348% profit on their investment.)

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FREE Special Report #4: "EZ Profits With EZchip"

A specialized chip for network processing, the EZchip integrates the processor and multiple DRAM (dynamic random access memory) units onto a single chip, to dramatically reduce storage costs and improve performance.

The total on-chip memory cost for EZchip is $28 vs. $1,500 for CAM (content addressable memory) and up to $23,000 for SRAM (static random access memory).

As Gilder's report explains, the cheap and plentiful memory on an EZchip allows it to handle virtually any application for the new Internet protocol, IPv6 ... enabling a single EZchip to replace costly routers and switches in high-speed communication networks.

Already this has resulted in EZchip winning 20 of its last 25 contract bids, giving them a total of 30 customers (half of them tier-one companies). For instance, wireless giant Nokia announced it will use EZchips in its new 3G wireless aggregation platforms.

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"Wall Street's most influential technology trader"

George Gilder bought JDS Uniphase at a split-adjusted price of $3.63 in 1997. The stock soared to over $100.

In July 1998, George picked Applied Microcircuits at $5.67. Twenty months later, the stock was at $150 -- a 2,545% gain.

Then there's Broadcom. Gilder recommended the stock at $13.41 when it first went public in April 1998. In less than 2 years, Broadcom was at $246 -- a profit of 1,734%.

No wonder TheStreet.com calls George Gilder "an iconoclastic futurist" and "Wall Street's most influential technology trader." Steve Forbes says: "When it comes to predicting which technologies will not only survive, but prosper, no one I know has been more right than George Gilder."

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Bret Swanson, Executive Editor
Gilder Technology Report

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