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Dear Investor:

You'll never get rich 'predicting' the market.  Oh you may have a lucky moment...but luck and a crystal ball is not how you build solid wealth year after year. 

But you can the find big profits always finding the market leaders and staying with them until the next one comes along.  But how?

Forbes' successful investment partner, Janet Brown and her NoLoad Fund*X newsletter can show you how.  Look what she's accomplished for her readers...a 17.9% average return year after year for the past 20 years.  Here's just one amazing market-beating buy.

Over a year ago, Janet bought the Janus Special Equity Fund and it's currently up over 30% -- almost double the return from the broad markets.  Then six months ago, scandal broke out at Janus and Morningstar urged everyone to sell.  But Janet held on and racked up most of her gain in the past few months.  Others missed out on big profits, but not Janet's readers. 

Why did Janet hold on when the rest of the world was saying sell, sell?

Because Janus Special Equity still ranked high...according to Janet's proven ranking system.  Janet and her readers had the confidence to stay on board with Janus and capture most of its big gains over the past year. 

With Janet's successful ranking system, you don't have to "forecast" the future.  You dont have to "panic" amid a scandal or a sector downturn.  Because let's face it...nobody really knows what direction the markets are going to take at any given time.  But with Janet's rankings and Upgrading Strategy, you're always in the best funds.

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Briefly, here's how it works:

First, Janet groups the more than 1,100 no-load mutual funds by risk not by you're diversified.

Second, she assigns a quantitative ranking to each fund in each category based on an average of a fund's one-, three-, six- and 12-month performance to come up with a composite score.

Third, she closely monitors the rankings for any change in leadership and replaces any funds falling in the rankings with funds that are higher-ranked. 

With Janet's rankings, you don't have to worry about a fund manager's capabilities or predict if international funds are going to do well.  You don't even have to spend any time trying to determine who the next market leader is going to be or where the next rally is coming from, or what fundamentals drivers are behind it. 

You could go crazy trying to figure that all out.  But now you don't have to.  All you have to do is follow the rankings every month in NoLoad Fund*X and sell a falling fund for a rising one. 

Take Heartland Value Fund " up 39% in the past 12 months (S&P up only about 12% in the same time period.)  That's a great return.  But careful monitoring shows that it is starting to slip in the rankings " 42 as of July 2004.  So Janet recommends a SELL in order to buy 2 new rising stars...ProFunds UltraMidCap #6 in the rankings...and Matthews Japan ranked #2! 

It's not that Heartland Value is declining.  But that there are BETTER...  MORE profitable funds out there to buy!  So sell and go with the next big winners!!

By constantly selling and upgrading to the next winning mutual fund, you easily follow the market leaders right to big profits.  And we're talking safe, conservative mutual funds, not individual stocks.  You're diversified.  Your risk is minimized.  You're confident. 

Perhaps that's why Mark Hulbert of Hulbert Financial Digest reports in the AAII Journal, June 2004 issue:

"An investor is likely to have better performance if the investor chooses a newsletter with a superior long term record like NoLoad Fund*X rather than a newsletter with short term success. Newsletters like NoLoad Fund*X have a 'genuine ability' while newsletters with short term success are likely running on luck."

Hulbert's has rated NoLoad Fund*X NUMBER ONE for 20 year risk-adjusted performance.  Janet has been racking up these profits for her readers for more than 20 years.  That's experience and results you can trust.

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The market-leading, big profit funds are what you'll get every month in NoLoad Fund*X.  It's quick, easy to read and in minutes every month you can find the top-performing funds to buy ...AND know when to sell your funds for maximum profits.

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Charles Morgan
Associate Publisher
Forbes Newsletter Group

P.S.  So what did Janet end up doing with do with the Janus Special Equity Fund?...up 30% and still producing better than average returns?  She sold it and upgraded to a better higher ranking fund...PIMCO PEA Value Fund...up 4% in the last month, while the Janus fund is only up a little over 1% last month.  Because, frankly...better is better.  Subscribe today and upgrade your portfolio to bigger returns. 

About Janet Brown:  Janet is the editor of NoLoad Fund*X and has been researching funds and developing successful fund investment strategies for many years. Prior to being editor of NoLoad Fund*X, she worked in Brussels with a major financial services company, where she specialized in mutual funds. Janet is frequently interviewed by the media on investment and mutual fund issues.

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