Discover an Olympic Medalist's Secret to Consistently Win

Olympic Medalist Reveals Her Secret “Cheat” for Winning the Marathon

Advanced (but perfectly legal) “hydration therapy” helps athletes increase stamina and endurance up to 28.7%

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Dear Sports Performance Bulletin Reader:

Of course, you shouldn’t cheat when playing sports.

Nor should you ever ingest dangerous performance-enhancing substances like steroids – regardless of the advantage they might give you.

But what if just by changing your sports drink you could take your performance to the next level … in a perfectly safe, even healthy way?

That’s what American runner Deena Kastor, winner of last week's London Marathon, did in the most recent Olympic Games.

As part of her pre-race preparation, Ms. Kastor consumed a sports drink containing a “secret ingredient” – one that is perfectly legal, contained no dangerous chemicals, and is 100% approved by the Olympic Committee.

Many believe that this unique “secret ingredient” helped Deena to endure the scorching heat of Athens … and win a bronze medal in the woman’s marathon.

Here’s the secret....

The “secret ingredient” in Deena Kastor’s performance-boosting sports drink is a unique molecule that helps you store fatty acids in your body.

It’s not an artificial chemical. In fact, your body produces it naturally.

When consumed in the proper concentrations, this special molecule can create a state of “super hydration” for up to 4 hours – enabling you to increase water retention by as much as a full liter.

And in one study, cyclists who consumed a beverage containing this molecule took 94 minutes to fatigue vs. 73 minutes for those drinking a placebo – indicating that this sports drink formula increases stamina by up to 28.7%!

At Sports Performance Bulletin, we’ve just published a brand-new special report, Peak Performance Hydration Therapy, revealing the “secret ingredient” in the sports drink that helped Deena Kastor run a medal-winning marathon race.

In addition, our new special report covers what every athlete needs to know today about “hydration therapy” (fluid consumption) and its ability to enhance athletic performance.


** Why fluid losses of as little as 2% of body weight can drain your energy in less than an hour … and what you can do to prevent it.

** Competing in extreme heat? This simple hydration strategy helps your body retain the water it needs to keep cool and maintain peak performance.

** The awful truth about athletic performance and alcohol. Here’s how long you should wait after drinking wine or spirits before you exercise or play sports.

** How much fluid can your body lose before it affects your athletic performance? Simple hydration strategy helps your body retain water longer to enhance energy and endurance (hint: it’s NOT drinking more water!).

** 5 minerals that you need in your sports drink to increase fluid absorption in your body. Can you name them all?

** How to calculate your personal fluid needs based on your SRPH (sweat rate per hour) … and how to measure SRPH when exercising.

** Can drinking too much fluid during exercise or competition make you sick – or even kill you? The shocking answer.

** Don’t like to exercise without your morning coffee or tea first? Here’s what you need to know before you pour yourself another cup.

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Why athletes need more fluid intake

As we discuss in Peak Performance Hydration Therapy, even small losses of water can cause a drop in your athletic performance, which is why optimum hydration is so important to athletes.

As well as providing the perfect chemical environment for our bodies, water has another extraordinary property: the ability to stop our bodies from overheating by evaporating from the skin as sweat. This is particularly important during exercise, when heat output rises dramatically.

For instance, the average 70kg adult at rest generates 70 watts of heat output. But when you run at six-minute-mile pace, your heat output rises more than 15X to over 1,100 watts.

If it’s warm, you’d need more than 1.5 liters per hour of sweat evaporation to remove the extra heat generated. Taking into account the fact that some sweat drips off your skin without contributing to evaporative cooling, you could easily lose 2 liters of fluid per hour running in hot weather.

Fluid losses of just 2% of body weight (equivalent to about 1.5 liters from a 70kg man or woman) can cause a significant drop in athletic performance. So your performance could suffer in less than an hour unless you hydrate with more fluid.

But replacing water lost in sweat (and urine) is not the only reason to boost your fluid intake with the hydration strategies outlined in Peak Performance Hydration Therapy. There’s another that’s equally important....

Eating carbs? Drink water.

Did you know that glycogen, which is stored muscle carbohydrate, is the body’s principle fuel for high-intensity activities?

Or that replenishing glycogen stores with dietary carbohydrates is vital to continuing high performance?

Well, your body can’t store carbs as glycogen without adequate water: it takes 3 grams of water to affix each gram of glycogen into your muscle fibers, which is why you often feel thirsty after a high-carbohydrate post-training meal.

Proper hydration, then, is vital for adequate recovery – not just to replace water lost through sweating, but also to replenish lost glycogen. In our new report, you are given research-based hydration strategies – including what to drink, how much to drink, and when to drink it – needed to replenish both water and glycogen.

Are life-saving “electrolytes” in your sports drink?

A comprehensive “hydration therapy” requires optimum hydration before, during, and after athletic competition or training.

But the goal isn’t solely to replace fluid loss. Sweating also depletes essential minerals in your body, including calcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium, and sodium. Low sodium levels can make you exceedingly ill, causing swelling in the brain and other neurological disorders.

The best way to replace these vital minerals is not by drinking pure water but with an electrolyte, mineral-containing sports drink. Reason: drinks with electrolyte minerals make you thirsty, thereby stimulating a greater voluntary intake of fluid.

Sodium also enhances the rate of fluid absorption from the small intestine into the rest of the body. However, the amount of sodium in the sports drink is critical -- and in our new report, we reveal the optimum concentrations of both carbohydrates and sodium per liter.

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Why am I offering you our hydration therapy report absolutely FREE?

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Yes. But it’s a small one.

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** Does warming up really enhance sports performance and prevent injury? The surprising answer

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** Assuming your maximum weight for a rep is 150 pounds, which training routine is best for you -- 4 reps at 135 pounds, or 15 reps at 75 pounds? Most athletes guess wrong, and it’s hurting them at the gym.

** How to calculate the amount of protein you should eat daily based on body weight and level of athletic activity. Hint: active athletes need nearly double the protein in their diets that couch potatoes can get by with.

** Is creatine really safe for long-term use? Shocking results from the latest clinical studies.

** Innovative training technique developed by Russian scientists can help reduce strain on joints -- and prevents physical breakdowns and injuries when running.

** And so much more….

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