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Bob Bly's Copy/Consulting Starter Package

If you've been wanting to hire me to write copy or consult with you, but my fees seem beyond your budget right now, here's an affordable alternative: my "Copy/Consulting Starter Package."

Just $600 buys you a full 90 minutes of my time to use however you choose. You can ask questions ... have me consult with or coach you ... review copy you have written ... or even write some short copy for you from scratch!

The Copy/Consulting Starter Package is an excellent way for folks who want to hire me but are unsure of making the investment to "kick the tires" before engaging me for a larger project or ongoing relationship.

And if your budget for copy and consulting is limited (less than a thousand dollars), it's the best way to get my thinking, experience, and ideas without paying my standard consulting and copywriting fees.

FREE Bonus Gift!

Order my Copy/Consulting Starter Package today and get a FREE 50-page Bonus Report (value: $29), Maverick Marketing.

It's packed with innovative ideas to help you sell more of your products or services, including:

  • 10 ways to increase landing page conversion rates - page 21.
  • How to avoid "sticker shock" when selling high-priced products - page 39.
  • Boost your response rates with the "RFM" formula - page 29.
  • How to save thousands of dollars in your market research - page 41.
  • Establishing thought leadership in your industry with free content offers - page 25.
  • The magic of "reciprocity" - page 3.
  • And more....
3 ways to get started:

If you have questions call me at 201-505-9451 or e-mail me at

Otherwise, there are 3 ways to order this Starter Package:

1-Call Fern Dickey at 201-797-8105 and order with your credit card.

2-Mail your check for $600 to:

Center for Technical Communication
590 Delcina Drive
River Vale, NJ 07675

3-Click on the button below to place your order online with your credit card or PayPal

As soon as you order, we'll rush you instructions for getting started along with your FREE Bonus Report.

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