But we also made profits of:

  • 311% on Enron*
  • 180% on Lucent Technologies*
  • 88% on Legato Systems
  • 143% on Applied Micro*
  • 85% on Network Associates
  • 191% on WorldCom*
  • 89% on Nortel

* Using a 50% margin.

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            It's hard to get mad at Martha Stewart for dumping her ImClone shares.

            After all, when you know a stock is going to crash and burn, who wants to go down with it?

            The only mistake Martha allegedly made was getting her advance warning about ImClone's fall from grace illegally.

            Her broker, Peter Bacanovic, allegedly tipped Ms. Stewart that another of his clients, ImClone CEO Sam Waksal, had called him earlier that day with a frantic order to sell all his shares.

            Waksal later admitted using inside knowledge to illegally dump his ImClone shares, and is now serving a prison term of more than 7 years.

            Ms. Stewart avoided a huge loss in her portfolio by selling her ImClone stock based on this insider tip. But on March 5, 2004 a jury found her guilty of all four charges in the stock-trading case against her.

            The good news is: You can stay ahead of the market like Martha Stewart did ... but without the legal liability that landed her in a courtroom.


            Bruce Gulliver, perhaps the most brilliant quantitative analyst on Wall Street, has developed a fool-proof "early warning system" for identifying -- and making handsome profits on -- troubled companies about to be "torpedoed" by fraud, tax cheating, numbers fudging, false earnings reports, declining fundamentals, or other negative news.  

            It's as reliable as getting insider information -- except it's 100% legal!

            By heeding his uncannily accurate rating system, Bruce's private clients made 86% profit by shorting Tyco ... 76% profit on Citrix Systems ... 90% profit on Cablevision ... 79% profit on Broadcom ... and 83% profit on Emulex.

            These same clients also avoided devastating losses by selling Enron, WorldCom, Qwest, Cisco, Corning, and dozens of others losers when Bruce said to bail.

            Now Bruce Gulliver has identified the next 5 companies poised for an Enron-like disaster.

            His new special report, "5 More ImClones Ready for a Fall," shows how you can avoid major losses by purging these soon-to-be losers from your portfolio -- or make a hefty profit by shorting them.

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CheckmarkREADY-TO-FALL COMPANY #1 ... We've already made 76% profit shorting software maker Citrix. Here's another software company whose stock is ready to take a dive. Return on invested capital has plummeted, from 179% in fiscal 2002 to just 7.9% in fiscal 2003. Net income is down 72% -- from $13.7 million to $3.9 million -- during the same period. Selling for 73 times trailing 12-month earnings and nearly 37 times cash flow, the company is ridiculously over- priced.

CheckmarkREADY-TO-FALL COMPANY #3 ... This is a popular clothing company owned by thousands of individual investors. Return on investment is at a 3-year low -- an anemic 7.8%. Retail sales are down 5.9%, and earnings per share have fallen to 61 cents from 93 cents a year earlier. We made a 56% profit shorting Abercrombie & Fitch, and plan to make even more shorting this giant retailer.

CheckmarkREADY-TO-FALL COMPANY #5 ... This luxury hotel chain blames lackluster year-end results on SARS and the hurricane in Bermuda, but rapidly deteriorating fundamentals show that the damage goes much deeper. In one year, gross margins fell from 35.3% to 22.8%, while operating cash flow dropped from $58.6 million to $42.7 million, a decline of 27.1%. Net income is also down 43%.

            To help you protect your wealth ... and enjoy explosive profits by shorting these future losers today ... I want you to read Bruce's new report, "5 More ImClones Ready for a Fall" immediately!

            Now, there is a string attached. But it's a small one ....

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Torpedo Watch consistently spots
"the next Enrons" before other
investors even hear about them 

            Bruce Gulliver, Editor of Torpedo Watch, is one of the most highly respected "quantitative analysts" in the business.

            Quantitative analysts are numbers guys, hired by portfolio managers, to perform due diligence checks on the stocks they own or intend to own.

            Over the past 14 years, Bruce -- a Ph.D. in finance and a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) -- has refined his methods to develop a 5-point ratings system that spots disasters-in-waiting with uncanny accuracy. He regularly speaks at meetings of the prestigious Association for Investment Management and Research on how to detect financial problems in publicly traded corporations.

            Institutional subscribers who acted on Bruce's Alerts earned stellar returns by going short on our troubled companies. Including:

  • $30,000 profit on the sudden plunge of Bristol-Meyers Squibb.
  • $86,000 profit when Tyco tanked.
  • $66,000 profit when AOL went belly up.
  • $44,000 profit on the fall of WorldCom.
  • $82,000 profit on the Enron scandal.*30-days FREE!

            What does Bruce look for when searching for the next Enron or ImClone?

            "Overvaluation becomes an issue when the stock price gets ahead of its fundamentals," says Bruce. "This is often due to investors believing that the company fundamentals will keep growing at a faster rate than its competitors, market, or industry.

            "The downward spike in price after overvaluation can be sudden and often violent, significantly damaging portfolios and offering opportunities to make money by shorting stocks."

            Other key warnings signs Torpedo Watch alerts you of:

  • Aggressive accounting has become a serious problem in recent years -- and is often missed by investors because it requires sweat and toil to decipher the financial statements.

  • Deteriorating financial conditions can be present even if a company is showing strong revenues and earnings. Example: failure to disclose off-balance-sheet items.

  • A significant change in operating performance, such as the sudden loss of a competitive advantage, can quickly cause a stock price to fall as the company is forced to lower gross and operating margins to remain viable. Example: A biotech (like ImClone) that disappoints Wall Street when its promising new drug isn't approved by the FDA.

            For instance, when auditors discovered that HPL Technologies had overstated revenue by recording $28 million in sales that never happened, the stock fell from $14 to 10 cents within 3 months.

            Or take Xerox, which inflated its revenue by booking deals before they were signed, and then keeping those pre-booked deals on the records even when they fell through.

            Within 5 months, Xerox's share price fell from $59 to $5, a loss of 91%. Investors holding 1,000 shares of Xerox when this happened lost a whopping 54 grand!

            When Bruce spots troubles like these in his quantitative analysis, he knows the stock is in trouble and issues a warning -- so you can either purge it from your portfolio or take a short position.

            On the other hand, if the indicators in his 5-point rating system are strong and vibrant, Bruce will issue a "buy" recommendation.

            And you don't have to wait years to collect your profits. Many of our trades close in months, even weeks.

            Just look at some of the fast profits you would have made in 2003 following Bruce's Torpedo Watch trading recommendations:

  • Kemet Corp., 15.43% profit in 2 months
  • Bioval, 26.37% profit in 2 weeks
  • J2 Global Communications, 44.49% profit in 5 weeks
  • Krispy Kreme, 14.04% profit in 5 weeks
  • Enpro Industries, 30.46% profit in 2 weeks
  • Roxio, 20.53% profit in one week
  • Wet Seal, 22.81% profit in 6 weeks

            As for ImClone, Bruce issued a warning on the stock in the fourth quarter of 2001, telling his clients to "stay away" from this troubled company.

            Shortly after that, ImClone began its long downward spiral, falling from $62.80 on 12/24/01 to $16.29 on 12/25/02 -- a drop of 74%.

            If you had owned 1,000 shares of ImClone, you would have lost more than $46,000. But clients who heeded Bruce's warning got away clean -- without Martha Stewart's legal liability.

            To get Bruce's Torpedo Watch ratings and recommendations FREE for 30 days, click below now:

$25,000 becomes $7.5 million

            Of course, when you have a list of stocks about to be "torpedoed" by the market, the obvious move is to make sure you don't hold them in your portfolio.

            That way, when they sink, you won't lose a dime.

            But the real profit opportunity for Torpedo Watch subscribers is in shorting those stocks Bruce predicts are going to fall hard, fast, and far.

Checkmark If you'd shorted Enron at $90, you could have turned $25,000 into a staggering $7.5 million!
Checkmark If you'd known to short WorldCom when its stock was flying high at $65, you could have turned $25,000 into an astonishing $3.1 million.
Checkmark If you'd shorted a thousand shares of Cisco at $65, you would have pocketed $55,000 when it plunged to $10.
Checkmark If you'd shorted Lucent at $40, you could have turned $25,000 into $2.4 million.

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The $1 trillion man

            Bruce Gulliver started his work in identifying torpedo companies 8 years ago while providing proactive research services to help professional money managers avoid being caught with their pants down when big stocks crashed hard.

            More than 50 top money managers with a total of $1 trillion under management have paid Dr. Bruce Gulliver up to $30,000 a year each to get his industrial-strength Torpedo Watch research and alerts.

            He has helped them make:

  • 86% profit on Tyco
  • 63% profit on Williams-Sonoma
  • 77% profit on McKesson Corp.
  • 56% profit on Lands End
  • 71% profit on U.S. Airways Group
  • 58% profit on Raytheon
  • 62% profit on JCPenney Co.
  • 80% profit on PowerWave
  • 55% profit on Fruit of the Loom

            In 2002, I convinced Bruce to offer this same research to individual investors at a price they could afford ... and Torpedo Watch was born.

            Since then, his total gain on closed Torpedo Watch trades is 178.12%.

            Now you can get Bruce's stock market warnings and recommendations for just pennies per day ... and for the next 30 days, absolutely FREE!

More bad times ahead.
Will you be protected?

            When it was announced that Enron applied six "accounting techniques" to make it appear that the company was earning money, the share price fell from $90 to 11 cents -- a 99.8% loss in 3 months.

            Or take AES Corp., which allegedly conspired to cause a shortage of power during the California energy crisis, thus driving up the price of electricity. Once the accusation became public, stock price fell from over $70 to below $1.

            30-days FREE!And when the Rigas family was indicted in July of 2002 on charges of securities, wire, and bank fraud, Adelphia's stock price fell from $31.71 to 9 cents a share.             

            The political fallout from Enron, Adelphia, Cendant, GE, and others has created a crackdown on corporate accounting and governance that's going to cause many more corporations stumble...and send their share prices stumbling.

            As Bruce Gulliver explains, "As long as management is motivated by higher stock price, you are not likely to totally eliminate aggressive accounting and fraudulent reporting. As long as markets are competitive, there will always be big winners -- and big losers."

            The facts support his conclusion: From 1995 to 2002, filing of securities class action suits against public companies rose approximately 47%.

            With a subscription to Torpedo Watch, you can avoid the next Enron or ImClone to preserve your wealth ... prevent big hits to your portfolio ... and make a small fortune by shorting these losers as they sink like stones.

            Like Martha Stewart, you'll be able to dump or short losing stocks without losing a dime -- but you'll do it legally.

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