Why Should You Invest More in Telcom Stocks after a Meltdown

Dear Investor:

During the tech stock meltdown of 2000, most of the telecom sector collapsed because of overvalued shares and a stagnant market.

But if you�re still wary of telecom stocks, you�re missing out on the huge gains we�ve been raking in lately � on wireless companies like these:

  • Research in Motion, 138% profit.

  • Proxim, 212% profit.

  • Warwick Valley, 54% profit.

  • Sprint PCS, 346% profit.

  • Intrado, 57% profit.

  • Sierra Wireless, 180% profit.

  • At Road, 121% profit.

  • Qualcomm, 76% profit.

  • Lucent Technologies, 176% profit.

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Profit from the trillion-dollar wireless market

While �landline� networks have been built to overcapacity, usage of and demand for wireless services is exploding.

In some foreign countries, many communities don�t even bother putting in telephone poles and wires: it�s simply cheaper and easier for everyone to use wireless phones.

At the end of 2002, wireless subscribers totaled 1.152 billion, up from 954 million in 2001. In 2003, an additional 165 million new cell phone users hooked up to the wireless networks. Overall, cell phone usage worldwide is growing by more than 10% annually � much faster than the rate of growth for the U.S. economy.

Last year, the revenue generated by wireless services, products, applications, and systems was half a trillion dollars. By 2006, wireless revenues will hit the trillion-dollar mark.

That�s why Forbes created Wireless Stock Watch � the only financial advisory dedicated 100% to earning double and triple-digit returns from the new wireless revolution.

Since launching this new service in April 2002, Nikhil Hutheesing�s wireless portfolio has been soaring. In fact, Hulbert Financial Digest rated Forbes Wireless Stock Watch one of the top performing newsletters over the last 12 months on a risk-adjusted basis -- with a 143.4% gain overall on its core wireless portfolio.

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Wireless business sleuth tells all

A former Wall Street banker with an MBA in finance, Nikhil has spent the last 11 years researching the wireless sector as a reporter and editor for Forbes magazine � giving him an in-depth understanding of mobile communications technology and trends that other stock advisors cannot duplicate.

For instance, what�s the best pure play in the new Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) technology? We bought Proxim, a maker of wi-fi networking gear, last April � and made a quick 212% gain.

And long before the general press started running the positive articles you read today about Lucent�s comeback, Nikhil�s contacts told him the company was booking new business at a record rate. He recommended Lucent Technologies in March, and our shares have already gained an impressive 176%.

Of the 21 wireless stocks Nikhil has recommended in Wireless Stock Watch, 20 are winners. That�s a success rate of better than 95%.

The only �loser� is Intel, down 3.12% since we recommended it in January. But Intel is still a strong buy in Nikhil�s book, because the company has invested more than $1 billion to replicate its success in microprocessors for PC�s in mobile phones and networks. And Intel CEO Craig Barrett doesn�t play to lose.

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5 wireless stocks you must own now!

Get ready for even more bull action in the wireless sector!

Reason: �Local number Portability,� or LNP � the ability to keep the same cell phone number regardless of which wire service you subscribe to.

Over time, millions of mobile subscribers will switch services as a result of portability. In his new special report, �Wireless Numbers Game,� Nikhil profiles the 5 companies that stand to profit most from this service-switching frenzy.

In his special report, you will discover:

  • Why Sprint PCS customers are not going to abandon Sprint under LNP. We�ve already made 346% profit on Sprint PCS, but are holding on for even bigger returns.
  • 2 wireless equipment makers whose share price will get a boost as churn leads consumers to buy new mobile phones.
  • Will Verizon�s struggling wireline business drag down its profitable wireless operation (the two are not traded separately)? The surprising answer.

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You can profit handsomely from the cell phone craze

The next time you are at a business meeting or walking down a crowded city street or shopping at the mall, take a look around you. What do you see? People talking on cell phones.

The mobile communications sector is red hot, with no end to the growth in sight. According to a recently published report by Forrester Research, there are almost 50 million mobile workers in North America alone.

And the safest way to profit from this mega-trend? Forbes Wireless Stock Watch, returning a hefty 143.4% annual gain.

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Charles Morgan
Associate Publisher, Forbes Newsletters

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