Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The World of How-To Writing

  • 10 hot how-to topics
  • 9 ways to add value to information
  • 5 ways to stand out from the crowd
Chapter 2

Choosing Your How-To Writing Niche

  • Specialist vs. generalist
  • 10 steps to selecting your niche
  • Micro-niches, adjacent niches, wide niches
Chapter 3


  • The content information hierarchy
  • Gathering specific and general knowledge
  • Where to get free content you can resell online
Chapter 4

Products, Titles, Outlines

  • The 4 methods of learning
  • Word length and information density.
  • 10 ways to organize your writing
Chapter 5

Becoming a Master How-To Writer

  • Avoid these7 how-to writing mistakes
  • Matter of voice, tone, and style
  • 3 C’s of nonfiction writing
Chapter 6

Magazine Articles

  • Query letters
  • Writing for trade publications
  • Retaining rights
Chapter 7

Nonfiction Books

  • 8 steps to getting your book published
  • 5 book publishing options
  • How to write a winning book proposal
Chapter 8


  • Publishing Kindle ebooks
  • Writing and selling PDF ebooks
  • Pricing your ebooks
Chapter 9

Special Reports

  • The info product sales funnel
  • Writing special reports that sell
  • White papers
The Direct Mail Revolution
Chapter 10


  • 9 great e-newsletter articles ideas
  • How to distribute your ezine to subscribers
  • 7 surefire ways to build your e-newsletter subscriber list
Chapter 11

Recurring Revenue Streams

  • Private Facebook groups
  • 10 steps to launching a membership site
  • How to keep paid members from leaving you
Chapter 12


  • Give great talks
  • How to overcome butterflies
  • 6 ways to pick the best speaking opportunities
Chapter 13

Classes and Seminars

  • Public seminars
  • Adult education
  • 12 steps to making money with continuing education
Chapter 14

Podcasts, Radio, and TV

  • Produce your own podcasts
  • Be a guest on TV and radio shows
  • Make money with audio conferences
Chapter 15

Training and Consulting

  • 14 steps for getting corporate training contracts
  • 5 ways to make money as an independent consultant
  • Implementation vs. advisory services
Chapter 16

Audio and Video

  • Audio CDs and DVDs
  • Streaming audio and video
  • Converting one-time talks into packaged inforecurring revenue products
Chapter 17


  • Turning your knowledge into software
  • 10 steps for marketing software products
  • Pricing your software
Chapter 18

Online Courses

  • Creating big-ticket online courses.
  • 11 tips for making money with a Master Class
  • Pricing based on value and content
Chapter 19

Building an Information Empire

  • Expanding output into multiple media
  • The 5 critical levels of info marketing revenue
  • The 80/20 path to fun and profits

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Bob Bly is an independent copywriter, marketing consultant, and info products marketer with 4+ decades of experience.

Bob is the author of 100 published books including The Big Book of Words You Should Know to Sound Smart (Adams Media) and The Copywriter’s Handbook (Griffin).

His articles have appeared in many publications: City Paper, Writer’s Digest, New Jersey Monthly, and Target Marketing.

Bob has been featured in major media—CNBC, CBS Hard Copy, New York Post, The Writer, Investor’s Business Daily, Nation’s Business and more.

The Direct Mail Revolution
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