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LinkedIn Marketing Magic

A “done for you” online networking system for getting new contacts, leads, and clients on LinkedIn
A 30-second primer: networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is set up as a network of 3 degrees of separation with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections:

  • 1st-degree – people you're directly connected to. You have accepted their invitation on LinkedIn, or they have accepted yours. You can send them a message directly on LinkedIn.
  • 2nd-degree -- people connected to your 1st-degree contacts. You can send an invite by clicking Connect, or you can use the LinkedIn InMail.
  • 3rd-degree – those who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections. Your ability to send invites is more limited with 3rd degree connections.
  • Out of Network – you can send InMails. There’s a fee for this.
LinkedIn Marketing Magic: automated LinkedIn networking for busy professionals.

LinkedIn Marketing Magic Gold is a “done for you” service that automates your networking on LinkedIn. This service can generate dozens of contacts, leads, and prospects for you on LinkedIn – without you spending your precious billable time “working” LinkedIn on your own.

Using a suite of software tools, we automate prospecting on LinkedIn so you get 5X more leads in 1/5th the time. We also publish a “do-it-yourself” handbook on how to do our LinkedIn Marketing Magic prospecting system yourself, without our help, at a tiny fraction of our full-service fee. Click here now to purchase this handbook.

A 60-second primer on how LinkedIn Marketing Magic works

LinkedIn Marketing Magic enables you to automatically view the profiles of your 2nd level connections. When you view a 2nd level contact, the person will get a notification on their cell phone or computer that you viewed their profile. Many times people will look to see who is viewing their profile on any given day.

Out of curiosity, if they don’t know you, they will click through to get to your profile page. If you have interesting and engaging content relevant to what this person needs and wants as a business professional, they will likely click the Connect button on your page to invite you to connect on LinkedIn with them.

Because the individuals coming to your LinkedIn profile are targeted as potential clients, a percentage of these may have an immediate need for your services. Usually these prospects will invite you and ask for an opportunity to discuss their needs.

Once the connection is made, they have opted in, just like any other opt-in tool or box online. And they’ve given you permission to contact and dialogue with them. This begins the process of building a relationship and converting that person into a new customer.

System metrics

On average, if we drive 1,000 LinkedIn users to view your profile page, assuming relevancy between them and you, approximately 30% will invite you to connect with them on LinkedIn.

When they do so, and you accept, they move up to a 1st level contact. That means you can communicate with them directly on LinkedIn to network, start a dialogue, and build a relationship that can lead to doing business with them.

3 steps to qualifying for LinkedIn Marketing Magic Gold Service

First, you must have a fairly clear idea of who your audience and target market is.

Second, you need a minimum of 500 first-level connections. With fewer, we cannot guarantee the results stated below.

Third, we need access to your LinkedIn account so we can perform all the steps as if we were you. The system cannot work unless we can log into your account and are held harmless for having that access.

Results, guarantees, costs, and availability

LinkedIn Marketing Magic costs $1,497. For that fee, we guarantee you will get 1,000 new views of your Profile Page – that is, at least 1,000 LinkedIn users visiting and viewing your page – within 90 days. If 30% connect with you, you get 300 new 1st level contacts at a cost of about $5 each.

But there is only one person – my LinkedIn Marketing Maestro Peter – performing the service. So we have very limited availability, and take on clients on a first-come, first-serve basis – assuming you meet the 3 criteria listed above.

What to do next

If you would like to discuss how you can get more page views, connections, and leads with LinkedIn Marketing Magic Gold, call Bob Bly at 973­-263-­0562. Or e-mail today.