Bob Bly Copywriter/Internet Marketing Strategist test

Proven Profit Acceleration

Making Your Digital Marketing Make More Money Faster

Growing an online business is NOT completed in a single shot, like putting up a website or landing page.

Rather, building a successful digital marketing campaign and infrastructure is an iterative process: By fine-tuning the elements, and making constant and meaningful tests, you can quickly ramp up online revenues and profits.

As a “Profit Accelerator,” instead of writing a sales page for thousands of dollars, then going away whether it works or not – I work with you to make your digital marketing make more money and generate higher and higher ROI – using and testing proven profit accelerators including:

  • Multiple themes, messaging, and Big Ideas.
  • Sales page copy including banners, headlines, subheads, body text, order buttons, and calls to action.
  • Offers: pricing, discounts, installment payments, bonus gifts, guarantees, upsells, trip wires, and more.
  • Traffic drivers: Google ads, Facebook ads, postcards, joint ventures, list swaps, and many others.
  • Videos: scripts, length, format, number, location on the site, click-to-start vs. autoplay.
  • Follow-up: email autoresponder series, AI chatbot, live phone call, or Zoom or Skype conference.
  • And much more….

The length of engagement and terms of service are flexible, so I can offer Profit Acceleration that fits your budget and your schedule--if you qualify.

The first step is to have a free, no-obligation preliminary discussion for me to learn your situation, identify problems and areas for improvement, and to see whether we’re a good fit for one another.

You can call me today at 973-263-0562 or email There’s no charge for this exploratory call. And no commitment of any kind.