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Project Management

"I need more than just copywriting and marketing advice, Bob. Can you help me with my entire marketing program?"

Yes and no.

I write copy and give marketing advice. And that's it.

But often, my clients need more than that in terms of implementation of my copy and consulting recommendations.

For instance:

  • I write a print ad for you. Now you need to get it designed ... and run it in magazines that reach your target market.
  • You hire me to write copy for a direct mail promotion. But it still has to be designed ... printed ... assembled ... and mailed. And what about renting mailing lists?
  • We've approved the copy I've written for your new Web site. But who's going to handle the Web site design and HTML programming ... the hosting ... the site maintenance?
  • You want some publicity and hire me to write a press release to get the word out about you. But how do you get that press release into the hands of the media ... and which publications do you contact?
That's where Fern Dickey of Backburner Projects can help.

In addition to acting as my account representative for copywriting and consulting projects, Backburner Projects provides project management services to any of my clients who need more marketing assistance. Click here to learn more about this valuable marketing and business services company.

Backburner Projects can help you with:
  • Client contact.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Follow-up programs.
  • Getting you speaking engagements.
  • Inquiry fulfillment.
  • Maintaining your mailing list or database.
  • Market research.
  • Media contact.
  • Meeting planning.
  • Sales literature.
  • Trade show exhibits.

And any other marketing projects that need to be done, but you just can't seem to get off your desk.

A cost-effective marketing solution

The best part is that, while Backburner Projects and I have worked together on a daily basis for more than a decade, you can hire them directly – avoiding the big mark-up I'd have to put on their fees if you hired them through me.

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Do you need project management help for marketing projects and programs? Call Fern Dickey, President of Backburner Projects, at 201-797-8105 today. To find out more about BackBurner Projects, click here now.