Bob Bly Copywriter/Internet Marketing Strategist test

Books by Bob Bly

  1. Technical Writing: Structure, Standards, and Style. McGraw-Hill. With Gary Blake.
  2. How To Promote Your Own Business. New American Library. With Gary Blake.
  3. A Dictionary of Computer Words. Banbury.
  4. Ronald's Dumb Computer. Banbury.
  5. Computers: Cookies, Marbles, and Games. Banbury.
  6. Computers: PASCAL, Pac-Man, and Pong. Banbury.
  7. The Personal Computer in Advertising. Banbury.
  8. The IBM Guide to Choosing Business Software (ghostwriter). IBM/Banbury.
  9. Dream Jobs: A Guide to Tomorrow's Top Careers. John Wiley. With Gary Blake.
  10. Creative Careers: Real Jobs in Glamour Fields. John Wiley. With Gary Blake.
  11. Out on Your Own: From Corporate to Self Employment. John Wiley. With Gary Blake.
  12. Create the Perfect Sates Piece. John Wiley.
  13. Information Hotline USA. New American Library. With Amy Bly.
  14. Direct Mail Profits. Asher Gallant.
  15. Ads That Sell. Asher Gallant.
  16. The Copywriter's Handbook. Henry Holt.
  17. Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Henry Holt.
  18. Selling Your Services: How to Get More Clients to Hire You (or Your Firm). Henry Holt.
  19. The Elements of Business Writing. Macmillan. With Gary Blake.
  20. The Elements of Technical Writing. Macmillan. With Gary Blake (revised edition of #1).
  21. Business-to-Business Direct Marketing. NTC Business Books.
  22. The Advertising Manager's Handbook. Prentice Hall.
  23. Keeping Clients Satisfied. Prentice Hall.
  24. Targeted Public Relations. Henry Holt.
  25. How to Sell Your Home, Coop, or Condo. With Amy Bly. Consumer Reports.
  26. The Perfect Sales Piece. John Wiley. (new edition of #12).
  27. Comic Book Hero: The Ultimate Superhero Quiz Book. Carol Publishing.
  28. The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book. HarperCollins.
  29. Power-Packed Direct Mail. Henry Holt (new edition of #14).
  30. Careers for Writers. VGM.
  31. 101 Ways to Make Every Second Count. Career Press.
  32. Successful Telephone Selling. Henry Holt.
  33. Why You Should Never Beam Down in a Red Shirt (and answers to 750 Other Star Trek Questions). HarperCollins.
  34. Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $100,000 a Year. Henry Holt (new edition of #17).
  35. Business-to-Business Direct Marketing, Second Edition. NTC Business Books (new edition of #21).
  36. The Elements of Copywriting. Macmillan. With Gary Blake.
  37. What’s Your Frasier IQ? Carol.
  38. Start and Run a Successful Mail Order Business. Self-Counsel.
  39. How to Get Your Book Published. Roblin Press.
  40. Write More, Sell More. Writer's Digest Books.
  41. Quick Tips for Better Business-to-Business Marketing Communications. Business Marketing Association.
  42. The Ultimate Unauthorized Stephen King Quiz Book. Kensington.
  43. The Advertising Manager’s Handbook, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall.
  44. The “I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford” Book. Kensington. With Gary Blake.
  45. The Lead Generation Handbook. Amacom.
  46. The Encyclopedia of Modern Business Letters. Career Press.
  47. The Six-Figure Consultant. Dearborne.
  48. Doing the Right Thing: Ethics in the Workplace. AMI.
  49. Internet Direct Mail (with Steve Roberts and Michelle Feit). NTC.
  50. Getting Started in Speaking, Training, or Seminar Consulting. John Wiley & Sons.
  51. PR for Dummies. With Eric Yaverbaum. IDG.
  52. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing. Macmillan.
  53. Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field. Macmillan.
  54. Online Copywriter’s Handbook. NTC.
  55. Count Your Blessings. Thomas Nelson.
  56. Fool-Proof Marketing. Wiley.
  57. Career for Writers, Second Edition. VGM.
  58. Webster’s New World Letter Writing Handbook. Wiley.
  59. Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Ghostwriter with Eric Yaverbaum. Dearborn.
  60. Bob Bly’s Guide to Freelance Writing Success. Filbert.
  61. Business Lunchatations with Beau Diehtl, Penguin
  62. The Science in Science Fiction. BenBella
  63. Magnetic Selling. Amacom.
  64. Getting Started as a Freelance Writer. Sentient.
  65. Better than Ever. Agora Health Books. With John Byington.
  66. The White Paper Marketing Handbook. Racom.
  67. The Copywriter’s Handbook: Second Edition. Henry Holt, new edition of #16
  68. Bly on Direct Marketing. Merit Direct Press.
  69. Secrets of a Freelance Writer, Third Edition. Holt, update of #34
  70. Blog, Shmog. Thomas Nelson
  71. All-American Frank. Publish America
  72. Getting Started as a Freelance Writer, Second Edition. Sentinel.
  73. Persuasive Presentations for Business. Entrepreneur
  74. 88 Money Making Writing Jobs. Sourcebook
  75. Words You Should Know to Make You Sound Smart. Adams
  76. Irresistible Offers. AWAI.
  77. The Marketing Plan Handbook. Entrepreneur Press.
  78. How to Write and Sell Simple Information. Quill Driver.
  79. Make Every Second Count. Career Press. Second Edition.
  80. Start Your Own Home Business After 50. Quill Driver
  81. Don’t Wear a Cowboy Hat Unless You are a Cowboy. CTC
  82. The Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln XL-3000 and Other Stories. CTC.
  83. 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success. Morgan James.
  84. The Blunt and Brutal Truth About Business and Life. CTC
  85. Marketing Plan Handbook 2nd Edition. EPs.
  86. The Big Book of Words You Should Know to Sound Smart. Adams.
  87. The Ultimate Book of Words Students Should Know. Adams. With Burton Jay Nadler.
  88. Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Writers. Adams.
  89. Freak Show of the Gods. Quill Driver
  90. Winning in Commercial Real Estate.
  91. Marketing Dictionary. MP.
  92. Little Blue Book of Business Wisdom. CTC
  93. Confessions of a Direct Response Copywriter. CTC Publishing
  94. The Digital Marketing Handbook. Entrepreneur Press.
  95. The New Email Revolution.Skyhorse.
  96. Computers.Ghostwriter. Putnam.
  97. Charles Proteus Steinmetz: The Electrical Wizard of Schenectady. Quill Driver Books.
  98. Multichannel Marketing Gone Wild. CTC Publishing.
  99. The Direct Mail Revolution. Entrepreneur Press.
  100. The Big Book of Words That Sell. Skyhorse Publishing.
  101. The Content Marketing Handbook. Entrepreneur Press.
  102. The Copywriter’s Handbook: Fourth Edition. St Martin's Griffin.
  103. Post-Apocolyptic Marketing. CTC Publishing.
  104. How to Write and Sell Simple Information: Second Edition. Quill Driver.
  105. The Axioms of Copywriting. Kallisti Publishing.
  106. The Axioms of Marketing. Kallisti Publishing.
  107. The Science Fictionary. Crystal Lake Publishing.
  108. The Secret of the Double Pipeline. CTC Publishing.
  109. Machine Learnings. ARIS.