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Writing Quotations

“If you have any young friends who aspire to be writers, shoot them now, while they’re happy.”
-Dorothy Parker

“It is a delicious thing to write, to be no longer yourself but to move in an entire universe of your own creating.”
-Gustav Flaubert

“The freedom to choose or reject ideas, to read books of our choice, and to publish freely is the very bedrock of our free society. The First Amendment is a prohibition of governmental interference with free speech.”
-Kurt Vonnegut

“Typewriters are the stepping stones to any high office.”
-Ayn Rand, “We the Living” film, 80th anniversary edition.

“For even in the age of digitalization the bookshelf remains a popular and beloved icon. Every day, thousands of scientists, clergymen, artists, and politicians are posed by photographers and cameramen before bookshelves, patently in hopes that their filmed ten-second-statements will thereby somehow gain in gravity. A world growing faster day by day stands in desperate need of such unambiguous signs. To this day, the bookshelf seems to serve that particular end.”
-Burkhard Spinnen, ‘The Book An Homage”

“Writing is not a profession on which one embarks under duress. No one forces anyone to become a writer. No one even asks him. He writes because he enjoys writing, and if he doesn’t enjoy it he should get out of the profession.”
-Leslie McFarlane, “Ghost of the Hardy Boys” (Godine, 2022, p. 268).

“Sometimes I've called writing a disease. If so, I'm glad it caught me. I've never walked into this room and looked at this typewriter without feeling that something somewhere, some strange gods or something utterly unnamable has touched me with a blithering, blathering and wondrous luck that holds and holds and holds.”
-Charles Bukowski, “On Writing” (Ecco)

"Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that's where it should stay."
-Christopher Hitchens

"A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing."
-Eugene Ionesco

"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man."