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Audio Cassettes (800 series)

804 Sixteen Secrets of Successful Small Business Promotion

How to use low-cost/no-cost advertising, marketing, sales promotion, and public relations techniques to build your business.

Single cassette $29.00$20

812 The Motivating Sequence

A proven 5-step formula for persuasive writing.

Single cassette $29.00$20

813 Secrets of Successful Lead Generation

How to write sales letters, self-mailers, ads, and other marketing communications that generate high volumes of qualified sales leads.

Single cassette $29.00$20

817 Six Secrets of Newsletter DM Packages That Work

How to write successful direct mail packages selling subscription newsletters.

Single cassette $29.00$20

820 Maximizing Personal Productivity

Time management techniques and personal productivity tips that can help you get more done in less time.

Single cassette $29.00$20

821 Selling Information Products in the Internet Age

How to market newsletters, books, special reports, CD-ROMs, databases, subscription Web sites, and other information products that compete with free information on the Web.

Single cassette $29.00$20

823 Internet Direct Mail

How to conduct an effective e-mail marketing campaign. Covers lists, copy, graphics, transmission, and response measurement and tracking.

Single cassette $29.00$20

826 How to Get Out of a Slump

Learn how to rapidly reverse negative circumstances, break out of your slump, and restore yourself to a happy and productive live within 6 weeks.

Single cassette $29.00$20

827 Become an Instant Guru

How to become a recognized authority in your field in 60 days or less.

Single cassette $29.00$20

830 How to Make Your Newsletter Indispensable

12 tips for adding value to your publication so that YOUR newsletter is the one your prospects buy.

Single cassette $29.00$20

831 The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets

Write more powerful, persuasive copy using the FAB Pyramid, the Motivating Sequence, the BDF formula, the secret of the 4 U's, and more.

Single cassette $29.00$20

832 How I Run My Copywriting Business

Two interviews with Bob Bly about how he runs his consultation business and his approach to copywriting.

Single cassette $29.00$20

833 Software Direct Mail

10 steps to creating a successful software direct mail package or campaign.

Single cassette $29.00$20

835 Selling Your Services Online

How to use Web sites, e-mail marketing, and e-zines to sell more of your services - and get more leads and projects than you can handle.

Single cassette $29.00$20

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