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Marketing with a One-Two Punch

October 8th, 2014 by Bob Bly

Regardless of what your marketing objectives are, your marketing efforts must achieve two results. Think of it like a prize-fighter’s one-two punch. Marketing must get attention and communicate value.

One of the best ways to communicate value is to share information. The value of infographics is their ability to communicate information concisely. When it comes to effective communication, an image will trump a paragraph or even a page every time. Why? Because it grabs your attention.

Here’s why infographics work so well.

Attention Grabbing
A colorful infographic with a powerful headline is impossible to ignore.

Quickly Scannable
The strength of infographics is that large amounts of often diverse information can be presented quickly and organized for scanning. Rather than expecting your audience to take the time to read through an article sentence by sentence, they can scan an infographic in seconds and quickly find interesting bits of information that cause them to linger longer.

Broad Appeal
Infographics appeal to different learning styles. There are lots of learning styles out there, but it is widely accepted that images communicate information more effectively than words alone.

Color and image have more emotional appeal than black-and-white verbiage. Marketers know that emotion is what causes people to take action. When you want your audience to act, use an infographic

Infographics can add variety to your messaging. Not every message is suitable for an infographic, and using them judiciously is important. But, when you want a particular message to really stand out from the rest of you content, an infographic is likely to do the trick for you.

What are you waiting for? Put on your gloves and land your next knockout blow with an infographic.

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