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How I stay energized during the work day

November 13th, 2018 by Bob Bly

Subscriber DK writes:

“Mr. Bly, you’ve proven yourself a prodigious writer and continue
to be. I ask not for your copywriting secrets, but rather
secrets about your energy level.

“I get that switching topics or assignments can keep one
invigorated, but even with a few hits of caffeine, I now have
trouble making it through the day without wanting longer

“Can you share your wakefulness secret?”

Unfortunately, I have no silver bullet for this, so I can only
share with you exactly what I do to maintain energy during a
typical 10-12 hour workday … a couple of which DK has already

#1–I do depend on caffeine. It is an addiction, and I drink 4
large mugs of coffee daily.

#2–Twice a day I use a sublingual vitamin B12 spray for added

#3–When I feel myself fading, I wash my face and the back of my
neck with cold water.

#4–I always get a good night’s sleep. I seem to require the
standard 8 hours of sleep. If I get 7 I am still OK, but 6 or
less and my energy level is subpar for the day.

#5–To accomplish #4, I never stay up past 10pm on a work night.
This enables me to awaken refreshed at 6am, having gotten my 8

#6–I awaken at around 6am and start work between 6:30am and
7am — no later. I adhere to Mark Ford’s rule of “early to rise.”

#7–I do my most important and difficult work in the mornings,
which is my period of peak energy.

#8–I work in one-hour increments, each separated by a 5-minute
break during which I check email and maybe watch a quick and
amusing video on YouTube (e.g., Family Guy, Jim Jeffries).

#9–For an energizing and refreshing snack, I eat a piece of
fruit. Okay, and once in a while, a cinnamon roll.

#10–In addition to the coffee, I drink one or two big glasses of
either water or club soda with ice and lemon during the work day.
We bought that club soda machine they advertise on TV and it
saves us a bundle.

#11–When the weather turns cool, I work with the office window
open. Low temperatures energize me.

#12–I make sure I have either the day’s newspaper, a good book,
or the current issue of the New York Review of Books to read
right after I finish work. It’s my reward for a productive day.
Most recent book I have read: “The Human Brain” by Isaac Asimov.

I also listen to a variety of music throughout the day to
keep my energy up and moderate my mood: classical for quiet,
contemplative, intense writing; e.g., a complicated financial or
technical promotion … and rock if I am on a roll with a fun sales


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