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Best Buy Customer Service Sucks!

October 31st, 2016 by Bob Bly

On October 29, 2016 we purchased Samsung TV from the Best Buy in Riverdale, NJ, to be used for both cable TV and X-Box.

The salesman, Sam Giro, discouraged us from hiring the Geek Squad as we intended, saying it would be a snap for us to set up the TV and connect it to both cable and the game system ourselves.

I expressed concern because I am a technical idiot and said, “What if I can’t do it?”

Sam said, “Just call the store and we will send someone to take care of it for only $50.”

Well, we couldn’t do it. As Sam had suggested, we called back to set up Geek Squad service.

But instead of scheduling a service call over the phone as promised, Sam now he told me we had to drive back the 40 minutes to schedule the appointment in person.

When we got there, Manager Richard Parra said it would cost $100, not $50, for the service call, because there were 2 connections – cable and X-Box.

I said, “Richard, Sam told me Geek Squad would do the whole thing for $50 and we could just schedule it with a call to the store. Instead, he forced us to come back, wasting, between driving and dealing with you, over an hour of our time – and then you refused to honor your quote of $50 and charged us double.”

Richard shrugged, made no apology, and in essence told us, “Too bad for you; this is our policy.”

Are Best Buy store managers so little empowered that they cannot make things right with an unhappy customer who has been deceived by a dishonest salesman?

Do yourself a favor and avoid Best Buy.


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