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Can you really make money while you sleep?

November 2nd, 2018 by Bob Bly

A few weeks ago, I checked my email on a Thursday night at around
9pm. Nothing important in the inbox.

The next morning, when I started work at about 7am, I went into
my email inbox to find that 2 of my subscribers had each ordered
multiple information products from me overnight while I was

The total dollar amount: $1,079.

In addition, my agent sent me an unexpected royalty check for
$1,993 for a Japanese edition of a book I wrote in 1985.

Total passive income for the day (so far): $3,072

Hardly a fortune. Didn’t make me rich. For many internet
marketers, peanuts.

But the point is that “in my sleep” that night I made slightly
more money than the average American makes working three full
40-hour weeks (not including commuting time) to earn.

With no labor on my part. No meetings. No phone calls. No leaving
the house. No even being awake!

I tell you this not to brag, but to make a point:

I firmly believe you should have multiple streams of income, with
at least one of them being passive income.

For two reasons.

First, while a paycheck is steady and expected, orders like the
$3,072 are unexpected — and there is delight in surprise.

Even if it’s a small amount, an unexpected royalty, commission,
bonus, or order makes my day … and many of my colleagues have
told me the same is true for them, too.

Second, and more important, if you can develop a passive income
stream that generates annual six-figure revenues … without
active daily labor from you …

(… in other words, you make money when you sleep — or are on
vacation — or do nothing at all …)

…that gives you a degree of financial security that 95% of your
friends, relatives, and neighbors will never have.

I am not money hungry or even money oriented.

I work long hours in my copywriting business and will do so as
long as I am able. Yes, to make money and also for the sheer
pleasure of it.

But by making a six-figure passive second income online, it’s
comforting to know we could live nicely off that $100,000+
alone if our active income profit centers went belly up (e.g.,
you got fired, your luncheonette went out of business).


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