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Confessions of a Blogging Skeptic

May 14th, 2005 by Bob Bly

I just signed a contract with a major publisher to write a book titled ?My Year in the Blogosphere: Confessions of a Blogging Skeptic? — and I?m hoping you can help me with it.

In particular, I?m looking for examples of businesses — OTHER than ad-supported blogs, blogging consultants, marketing consultants, and PR firms — who are using blogs successfully as a marketing tool.

If you can show that the blog is actually selling product and making money for the business, so much the better.

But I?m most interested in evidence that blogging is a worthwhile marketing activity and should be proactively pursued by businesses looking to promote their products and services.


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213 responses about “Confessions of a Blogging Skeptic”

  1. Paul Chaney said:

    Bob, since admittedly I helped you move into the blogosphere, might I request a chance to participate? See, I’m actually making a living because of my blog. I don’t make a lot of money FROM my blog, but rather BECAUSE of it. It’s bringing me traffic, referrals, and best of all BUSINESS! Thanks to my blog I have an ever-increasing stable of clients from across the country, and I’m becoming recognized as an expert and thought-leader in the industry.

    Is it making me rich just yet? Nope! But, it is making me a living. And, at this stage of the game, that’s saying something.

  2. Jim Logan said:

    Great news Bob! Congratulations! I’m sure it will be a hit.

    Here are a couple blogs used by businesses to supprt their sales. I’ll email you others as I come across them.


  3. Don Marti said:

    Good comments on the English Cut blog at Histor of English Cut on

  4. aaron said:

    I’m sure a lot of the products featured on sell quite well. And I doubt that the blog is “paid” to feature those products.

  5. Toby said:

    Hey Bob – how about a gig teaching bloggings to marketers in El Salvador … does that count?

  6. Jason Butler said:

    BostonWorks has an HR blog that helps the HR folks do their jobs better. Getting people coming back helps them sell more advertising:

  7. Andrea said:

  8. Wendy Maynard said:

    Hi Bob, Came across this site: in the process of doing some research for one of my clients. One of the things that I think is particularly effective about this blog: The main site for SYNlawn ( is wholly Flash and quite beautiful. However, that obviously creates some serious limitations for SEO. With the blog as part of the site, it is a perfect complement to allow HTML and keywords to be incorporated into it without compromising Flash. My design team ( loves Flash and as a marketer, I have been concerned about some of its limitations for online marketing. This is a nice compromise.

    Best, Wendy Maynard

  9. David Zinger said:

    Hello Bob:
    I appreciate your blog and just added it to my subscriptions at blogline.
    My blog is contributing to my business by demonstrating a sense of humor and giving future clients a place to see (and starting soon hear) my style while also keeping connections with former clients.
    The blog gives a certain freshness to my approach at 50 of age (we are only as old as we blog). I have only been at it since October but have received a number of comments. Sometimes when a committee makes a decision in hiring they get a chance to see my style and determine if the fit is right for them. In addition the process of writing a regular blog is enhancing my writing and is giving me fresh ideas for some new material.

  10. RichW said:

    In addition to my own services blog, I have a second one with my wife for our coffee shop, We decided to forego a website and just go with a blog, with the obvious benefit of getting much higher search listings on our important keywords without investing time and energy into traditional SEM.

  11. Lee Odden said:

    Hi Bob,
    I would reflect Paul’s sentinments regarding the fact that my “marketing blog” (#1 on Google btw) does not conduct direct sales, but as a result of the blog, the quantity and quality of SEO projects we’re signing has improved significantly. I have 6 full time staff now and am hiring another. I am writing a case study on it in case you’re interested.

    Lee Odden
    Online Marketing Blog

  12. Yvonne DiVita said:

    I was going to cheat and submit Lip-sticking, but it supports blogads and attracts its fair amount of attention, which turns into business now and then, mostly because it’s a niche market. What I would like to offer is our new blog at WME Books. That blog talks about writing books…particularly using print on demand…and while we’ve only generated prospect from it so far, we are just a breath away from signing one of the folks who have contacted us, to a contract. The best part is that we don’t market it heavily (we’re busy enough with the local writers) but people find it in a search, and contact us to discuss help with the book they’re writing. Some outstanding books, by the way.

  13. Jeremy Markum said:

    My “Sage Advice On Fitness Blog” has started making me a mint as of late. I’m soft-selling as an affiliate, and moving my own products and services to boot. Bodyweight exercises, home workouts, and free fitness articles to be found here.

  14. Stacy L. Harp said:

    Hi Bob,

    My friend Paul Chaney told me about what you are looking for, and I’m your person. I started a company using a blog 3 months ago and have been overwhelmed with success.

    I don’t have a marketing background, or even a degree in business, but I’ve made money! So contact me at 714-244-6890 or email me. Thanks.

  15. David said:

    Welcome Aboard! This is group that I’ve just set up specifically for all traders in the world. Please feel to post stories, comments, testimonials, questions and more to this group. Exchange ideas, knowledge and skills. Hope you enjoy it immensely!

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    Hello Bob,

    Congratulations! I’m sure it will be a hit.


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