5 books I really enjoyed reading this year

December 27th, 2017 by Bob Bly

I am a reading addict and hooked on books — so I read a LOT of
books in a year.

Here are 5 books I really enjoyed this year and you may too in

#1–“Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard (Galaxy Press) — a
sprawling space opera about humanity’s courageous rebellion
against technologically and physically superior aliens who
enslave Earth. (Disclosure: Galaxy Press is a client of mine, but
did not pay me to write this.)

#2–“Lucky Us” by Amy Bloom (Random House) — two stepsisters make
their way in the world living unconventional lives.

#3–“Horoscopes for the Dead” by Billy Collins (Random House) — if
you enjoy Billy Collins’ poetry as I do, then you will probably enjoy
this quite, contemplative, slim volume as did, too.

#4–“The World of Raymond Chandler” edited by Barry Day (Knopf)
— excerpts from Chandler’s writing, interviews, and correspondence
edited into an autobiography mostly in his own words with some
added commentary by editor Barry Day.

#5–“Charles Bukowski on Writing” edited by Abel Debritto
(HarperCollins) — the novelist and poet gives his thoughts on

Happy New Year


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