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A Serius Scam

June 19th, 2013 by Bob Bly

SiriusXM Satellite Radio is now a direct mail scammer.

I just received a mailing from them with “Statement Enclosed” printed on the outer envelope — even though I am not a subscriber.

I immediately opened it, fearing that I somehow owed them money.

What was inside was not a statement. It was a direct mail promotion inviting me to subscribe to their satellite radio.

This is total deception, pure and simple.

It was a common practice years ago, what with envelopes containing faux checks or designed like notices from the IRS.

The practice is rare and frowned upon today.

Shame on you, radio guys. Seriusly.




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  1. Braden Talbot said:

    There are too many quality services and content providers out there to succeed at such scams anymore. Yet people will still look for sneaky tricks and shortcuts.

  2. Jim Daniels said:

    Shameful. I cease to do business with companies that pull that crap. Reminds me of the “free” magazine offers that come complete with bills and collection notices. Guess they’re getting desperate…

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