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Michael Vick Goes to the Dogs

August 25th, 2007 by Bob Bly

An editorial on a news program said that Michael Vick, pleading guilty to promoting dog fighting, should be banned from the NFL for life.

But it also said the REASON the NFL should take this action is that it should not promote or condone violence.


Professional football IS violence: 300-pound giants trying to flatten one another into a pancake.

I agree that dog fighting is sick (I love dogs but would feel this way regardless).

For his crime, I think Vick — a sick and despicable creature — should be given the maximum punishment allowable under the law.

But after that, he should be allowed to earn a living in his chosen profession.

(If he makes you sick, boycott his football games. If we all do that, his team may let him go — that’s their call.)

But do you see a logical disconnect in the NFL taking an overall anti-violence stance? (Maybe the NRA could join them.)

The point?

What you say — in an ad, press conference, article, letter, speech, sales meeting, or at a cocktail party — has to be logically consistent.

The minute you take a stance that is in logical conflict with reality (e.g., vegetarians for meat; a subprime lender foreclosing on its mortgage owners portraying a kindly father image in its TV spots), you confuse your audience, lose credibility, and destroy the persuasiveness of your argument.


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13 responses about “Michael Vick Goes to the Dogs”

  1. Joel Heffner said:

    There seems to be two ways of looking at the word violence. In football, the goal is not to actually hurt or kill an opponent. Flattening a quarterback (who expects the other team to be coming and has his own team of 300 pounders to protect him) and intentionally beating a dog to death isn’t the same thing. In the former, injuries happen; in the later death is intended. The NFL (in my silly opinion) should not allow Vick back because of his illegal violence. Allowing him back would mean that the NFL is accepting the killing type of violence as being OK for the NFL players.

  2. Bob Bly said:

    Would my example work better for you had Vick been a professional boxer?

  3. Michael said:

    I’m new to the South, so up until recently I wasn’t aware that dog fighting was illegal; I just thought it was some Southern sport akin to cockfighting or greyhound races. I’m iffy on the whole “allowing him to play in the national league” thing. I don’t believe that the actions of an individual necessarily reflect on the organization to which he belongs. I don’t make those leaps of logic that presume that allowing someone to play despite bad behaviour means the organization condones the action. It can still not condone it and still allow him to play. I think the organization is reacting more to the outcry than to an actual disapproval of bad behaviour, which I don’t think it really cares about at all.

  4. Frank Tillery said:

    As an owner of a beautiful German Shephard and an equally spiritied Mini-Schnauzer, I was really upset initially with Mr. Vick’s decisions. Then I thought that in some countries dogs are domesticated, farmed and eaten as food. Wow! Talk about terrible! Then I thought, what about the animals we in the U.S.A. domesticate, farm and eat. Who is standing up for the plight of the helpless chickens and cows…what about the pigs and turkeys? Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say…it was just a thought anyway.

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