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Corona Light’s USP

May 25th, 2007 by Bob Bly

I just heard a radio commercial for Corona Light beer, and the unique selling proposition (USP) was clearly articulated: “It’s the only light beer that’s also a Corona.”

My instant reaction was favorable because:

1. The tone implies that “of course, you know that Corona is a great beer” — and therefore, Corona Light must be the best light beer, because it is the only light beer with Corona quality.

2. It is unassailable — no other brewer can say, “Our light beer is also like a Corona.”

What do YOU think of Corona Light’s USP, “the only light beer that’s also a Corona” — good, bad, or terrible? And why?


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94 responses about “Corona Light’s USP”

  1. Sean Woodruff said:

    Is their USP looking to canabalize their current Corona drinking customer base? If so, it is a great USP.

    To me it means absolutely nothing because I don’t drink Corona and don’t have any idea what “also a Corona” means.

    I don’t drink Miller Lite either but I know what “Tastes great, Less filling” means relative to my beer drinking.

    Brilliant! (I couldn’t resist one last beer advertising reference)

  2. Gloria Hildebrandt said:

    The slogan only works if you know and have a positive opinion about Corona. I don’t. Is that the beer they serve with a lemon wedge in the bottle neck? As a real ale drinker, and someone who likes strong Belgian beer, I dismiss Corona — regular or light. The slogan doesn’t draw me.

  3. Bob Bly said:

    Good point, Gloria: it assumes the prospect already thinks highly of Corona. Perhaps it is meant to offer those who drink or would drink Corona a light alternative. The though of beer with lime repulses me: I prefer dark beers – Taddy Porter is my favorite.

  4. Toussaint said:

    Arg, that’s a puzzler. Good -eye- ear catching this one.

    It risks diluting the brand by extending it, BUT it references the Corona brand and all that it means (to those who actually know and care). Ehhh, maybe Sean is onto something. It’s giving an option to those who like and identify with Corona, but have a mighty need drink a light beer.

    Yeah, for me…light beer is when I know I should have water but need the masculine emotional assurance that beer brings.

  5. Michael A. Stelzner said:


    For me, this is a reason NOT to drink it.

    I live near the border and Corona is piss water.

    I prefer Dos Equis beer.


  6. John Platt said:

    I think this could have a double impact: “Hmm, I like Corona, so I guess I’ll try the Corona Light, too.” or “Hmm, this seems to say that Corona is good beer. Maybe I’ll try it.”

  7. Jodi said:

    I suppose if you like Corona, but want to watch calories, the light alternative would appeal to you.

    Like Bob and Gloria, I prefer my beer stronger and darker. (My friends say I like “manly” beers). Personally, I’d rather drink water than light beer!

  8. Michael said:

    It doesn’t do anything for me as a non-Corona drinker. The spot seems to be “preaching to the choir” in that it points back to itself as the measure of quality–a kind of circular argument.

    So what?

    Unless I drink Corona, the ad makes no sense. It would be similar to an In-N-Out Burger ad touting a new, low-calorie Double Double as “The new low-calorie burger that’s also a Double Double.” Now, people who don’t know what a Double Double is would say “Huh? What?” It’s In-N-Out’s flagship burger known for its juciness and high calories. But to someone with no experience with this chain–or the Double Double–it means nothing. It would only appeal to those who already eat there and who know how good [or rather, have the opinion of how good] a Double Double tastes.

  9. Fern said:

    If this is a regional radio campaign — and my guess is that it is — then it will work. In Bergen County, NJ, where this ad plays, Corona is THE beer to drink (starting to now compete with Blue Moon, which you drink with an orange wedge).

    I just bought Dog Fish Head (an American beer) — really great. We are big beer drinkers and try everything. I must have tried at least 30 – 40 different beers and so I don’t agree with Michael that Corona is “piss water.” Do you not like it because it’s too popular with yuppies? If anything, my observations tell me that people think of Bud as pw . . .

  10. Bob Bly said:

    To some degrees, different beers target different markets and types of beer drinkers. Corona is somewhat of a young person’s/yuppie beer. Bud is a blue collar/middle class beer.

  11. Scott said:

    Arguably, the Corona messaging is simple and succinct. It works to sell beer, or any type of easily attained low cost product. Roll the dice on something that sounds cool. If it’s lousy, you’re only out about $5.

    My challenge, a certifiable dilemma, is how do I communicate the same simple messaging about a much more expensive product to a much higher end clientele?

    Without going into brand specifics, I’m the newly-hired marketing director for an extremely high-end product. I need to reach the Fortune 500 type customer. Recently I obtained a list of 8,500 potential leads.

    The goal, obviously, is to tease and tantalize — but a direct mail piece seems destined for the circular file, and a more “creative” mailing seems like it would inherently blow the budget.

    O’ Great Ones — what should I do? Or at the very least, is Corona hiring?

  12. Your survey results are in : My Netrepreneur said:

    […] Corona Light?s USP I just heard a radio commercial for Corona Light beer, and the unique selling proposition (USP) was clearly articulated: “It’s the only light beer that’s also a Corona.” My instant reaction was favorable because: 1. The tone implies that “of course, you know that Corona is a great beer” — and therefore, Corona Light must be the […] […]

  13. Fern said:

    Sean: I don’t feel it cannabalizes Corona. Light beers are for those people that want to watch their caloric intake. They RATHER have the regular beer, but don’t want the calories, so now they can get their beer the way they want/need it. Kinda light Marlboro Light did in the 80s — it didn’t detract from regular Marlboro smokers.

  14. Jessica said:

    I love it! actually, does anyone know where i could hear it again? i want my family to hear it. i think it is clever… and funny. i laughed out loud for the first time ever… alone, in my car, and at a commercial

  15. Corona Light?s USP : My Netrepreneur said:

    […] Corona Light?s USP I just heard a radio commercial for Corona Light beer, and the unique selling proposition (USP) was clearly articulated: “It’s the only light beer that’s also a Corona.” My instant reaction was favorable because: 1. The tone implies that “of course, you know that Corona is a great beer” — and therefore, Corona Light must be the […] […]

  16. Sandra said:

    I think it is very funny. Even if you know nothing about Corona,(me…I can’t remember how it tastes)they are saying/implying that they are “THE ONLY light beer” and then for legal reasons, to be funny, and not lie to the public, they qualify their statement with “that’s also a Corona” I am not a big beer drinker but I am going to try Corona Light! They just told me it is the best and I am assuming also new on the market so I must have not heard anything bad about it yet so it is worth a try.

  17. Don Smith said:

    The first time I heard one of the commercials using an extreme personality to voice the verbage, I found it mildly humorous but was so distracted by the phraseology, I didn’t register the brand association. Because I listen to the radio almost continuosly while at work (3:30 pm to 12 or 1 am), I am subjected to a number of these commercials. I have now taken to changing stations or removing my headphones as soon as I detect one of these commercials comming on because they are so irritating, long and repetitious. (The British accent/old boy version is especially irritating.) Might I suggest that you reduce the length of each commercial by 50% and intersperse them with other formats so that they do not become so irritating.

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  20. Matt said:

    Personally, I think that if a beer needs an acidic fruit to somehow alter the taste, it can never be “all that”.

  21. Mark said:

    I think that Corona Light´s USP is dead on. Being the number 4 selling beer in the world, they can act like category leaders. When you have a great brand and you are doing a line extension, a great bet is to piggyback on the success of a the brands heritage.

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