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Don’t ASSume

April 17th, 2009 by Bob Bly

In an episode of the Odd Couple TV show, Felix Unger once said: “When you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME!”

I agree wrong assumptions can make you look like an ass … not sure it does that to the other guy.

Example: cowardly RT left a voice mail message (but not his phone #) calling me an Internet fake.

Apparently, he looked up my address at 22 E. Quackenbush Avenue, Dumont, NJ 07628 on that Google satellite service.

“You’re not RICH!” he said contemptuosly (never said I was). “Your place is a dump!”

One little problem, RT: 22 E. Quackenbush is the building where I rent an office — NOT where I live.

So you can’t tell ANYTHING about me or my success or net worth by looking at it.

See what happens when you ASSUME, and think you’re a smartie because you used Google to spy cam me?

You come off looking like an ASS … and I don’t.


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    […] VA:F [1.1.7_509]please wait…Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) This article was found on blog. Click here to visit the full article on the original website.In an episode of the Odd Couple TV show, Felix Unger once said: “When you ASSUME, you make an […]

  2. Ken said:

    It’s almost comical how far some people will go try and discredit someone else…don’t sweat it Bob, people will always make assumptions, grab hold of whatever beliefs are most comfortable for them and not let go.

    It’s a great way to not have to look at yourself in the mirror and make whatever changes need to be made.

  3. Roger said:

    How many of us, Bob, would like to think we’re above such criticism. To think we’re immune to words that dribble like the green vomit from Linda Blair’s mouth in “The Exorcist.” But let’s face it, some of their vile words always sink in and have their meal. Eventually, we shrug it off (after much debate within ourselves) and move on.

    I have read some of your work and not only have you never said your rich, you’ve made the point that you’re not. Of course, the word rich can mean different things to different people. Some people might think a $1,000 in the bank is rich. Others might believe $40,000,000 isn’t enough. Whatever our goal is I hope we never quite make it; because then, what on earth would we do?

    Oh, about that gruesome scene in The Exorcist—we all knew it was fake.


    PS: Dick Van Dyke did a sketch on his old TV show that predates your version of ASSUME. He did it on a blackboard for his wife (Mary Tyler Moore) and friends spelling out “ASS U ME.” Pretty risqué for the early 1960s.

  4. Bill Perry said:

    Problem with Google’s satellite imagery is it is outdated.

    I typed in the address to the house I lived in until Feb of this year (rural area) and it still shows a barn that was owned by the guys before us!

    That barn has been torn down at least 2-3 years

  5. Michael Roach said:

    Bob, I hope this event did not rile you, and that you’re just sharing a healthy chuckle you had in posting this.

    You’re rich in every sense of the word, including in spirit.

    RT is obviously a very miserable soul… I feel sorry for him and hope he finds happiness soon.

  6. Ken Norkin - Freelance Copywriter said:


    Besides RT being a jerk, and regardless of whether the address and image are of your home or office location, he’s obviously unfamiliar with Thomas Stanley and William Danko’s “The Millionaire Next Door,” the whole point of which is that many welathy and successful people live where you least expect them and that assumptions about someone’s wealth — or lack thereof — by their home, car or other material possessions can be very wrong.

    That’s especially so since two of Stanley and Danko’s seven rules for becoming wealthy include living below your means and ignoring conspicuous consumption.

    And has RT not been watching the news since September? There are plenty of big houses in expensive neighborhoods occupied by people who are so non-rich they can’t pay their mortgages.


  7. Morgan said:

    Who is this RT guy anyway? Sounds like he needs to get a life!

  8. local gas prices said:

    Agree with bill. THe satellite image and maps are about 2 or more years out of date.

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