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Free Pass for Airport Terrorists?

October 31st, 2007 by Bob Bly

I couldn’t believe me ears when I heard a radio commercial offering to sell a quicik-access airport pass.

I think the company was, and for $99 a year, they would sell you a pass that allows you to sail through airport security in minutes.

In an age of global terrorism, is this such a good idea?

What’s to stop terrorists and hijackers from buying this “go directly to the plan and bypass normal security” pass?

Probably I don’t understand the offer and it really is safe.

But am I the only one the least bit concerned with the idea of making it easier for people to get through airport security faster for just a hundred bucks?


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48 responses about “Free Pass for Airport Terrorists?”

  1. Amy Rivers said:

    It feels strange not to be surprised by this. I guess it just doesn’t surprise me that someone has figured out yet another way to monopolize on the current climate of fear. If there is money to be made…

    The website says they perform a background check and then give you a high-tech pass card. Also, it looks like the price goes up after 1 year unless you sign up for multiple years at the beginning.

    Outrageous? Or simply a sign of the times.

  2. Michael said:

    Well, I guess I’ll be first to chime in on this.

    In a way, I’m not surprised. It seems many businesses are too interested in making money than trying to work with those trying to protect the public. If there’s money to me made, they’re only too happy to try to circumvent safety in many cases.

    I checked the company’s Web site and it says they do a background check. But for someone bent on terror, it would be easy to create a ‘fake background’ that would show up clean when checked. Or, what’s to stop an accomplice with a clean record from getting the pass and then doctoring it up for the real terrorist.

    It seems to create a new avenue for bypassing security measures that terrorists would be only too happy to take advantage of.

  3. Bob Bly said:

    Michael, I am with you: it is a horrible idea, and I can’t believe the airports and airlines honor this company’s pass!

  4. Jim Logan said:

    I’m not a fan of “government intervention”, but I hope the heavy hand of the government falls on this idea.

    This appears to be something riddled with opportunity to exploit.

  5. Michael Fjelstad said:

    I got a clear pass and tried it out for the first time a couple of days ago at San Francisco Airport. It’s only benefit is that you get to go to the front of the line, nothing else. You still have to go through the same stupid nonsense of taking off your shoes, taking your laptop out of the bag, put your coat in the bin, etc, etc. Other than going to the front of the line, nothing has changed. But, since I travel a lot, it is worth it since I don’t have to stand in line like some cow in a feed lot. And to think all this nonsense started with D.B. Cooper!

  6. Sharon said:

    This is actually not new. And from what I hear, it doesn’t really help very much at all. A lot of people are saying it is not worth the mon

  7. Atash said:

    Effective terrorists don’t go through the lines, they don’t use their own identities (they kill someone else and assume his identity), and they don’t use commercial banks (so the patriot act was aimed at you, my friends). Airport security is largely for appearances sake, and for catching idiots. If they were serious, they would hire airport staff who are more intelligent than the ones they actually do hire.

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