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YOU — a Highly Paid Blogger?

March 30th, 2009 by Bob Bly

We constantly hear about this blogger or that blogger getting paid big bucks to blog or landing a lucrative book deal based on their blog (I actually did the latter myself).

But these lucky rich bloggers are decidedly the exception, not the rule.

According to an article in the Daily News (3/30/09, p. 35), the median income of bloggers who seek to monetize their blogs is $200 a year.

As a rule, you can make serious money blogging only if you have a lot of subscribers to your blog via RSS feed.

The article notes that for bloggers who have 100,000 subscribers or more, the median income soars to $75,000 a year — pretty darn good for an activity you do only a few hours a week.

Of course, the really smart thing is to get other people to write your blog for you, pay them nothing, and get rich on the advertising,

An article in Time noted that Huffington Post has 3,000 unpaid bloggers — and that the site, filled with content created largely by those bloggers and other sources Huffington does not pay, is worth a staggering $90 million.

Obviously I am doing something wrong.

Anybody out there making a LOT of money from your blog?

Care to share with the rest of us how you did it?


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39 responses about “YOU — a Highly Paid Blogger?”

  1. Thomas Leon said:

    I’ve made some good money online but not from a blog. I have only recently started my blog.

    I think that the average blogger only makes $200 a year only because they fail to post quality content and/or give up too quickly.

    Good post.

  2. Wendy Sullivan said:

    Dear World,

    I wish to marry an ugly, gay millionaire. Then I wish to divorce him and spend some of my alimony on advertising my new “news” blog wherein I will preach to the proletariat without actually paying them anything for their work – pathetic ruffians that they are.


    Arianna Huffington

  3. Cynthia Maniglia said:

    I have a personal blog about my dog – and I did “make good” on it when a company I “endorsed” decided to send me something for free – a $35.99 dog outfit! Not bad …

    But blogging is about opinions and unless you become somewhat of an Internet sensation and draw a bagillion hits – which will earn you the interest of someone ELSE who wants to make money on you (either a book publisher, an advertiser, or some other form of “entertainment producer” or endorser – forgetaboutit.

  4. Roseli A. Bakar said:

    I have been blogging full-time from home since 2007 and yes the monthly income from blogging is more than what I made from my prevoius day job.

    However, it’s still far from what the top bloggers are earning but I’m not complaining…


  5. S.P. Gass said:

    Last year I made less than the median blogger income 🙁

    You may be interested in my article Seven Ways NOT To Make Money from Blogging:

  6. Dan said:

    People fail to make any significant amount of money with blogging because they blog about nothing/everything like Fake Steve Jobs. Or because they’re trying to imitate the A-list bloggers who blog about blogging, and making money online, without actually being subject matter experts.

    Making money with blogging is much easier when you approach it with a direct marketing style perspective. You pick a laser focused niche. You drive targeted traffic to your blog. And you have the entire blog constructed to guide visitors to take the desired action. Just like a sales page.

    This works whether you’re marketing your own products and services, peddling affiliate products, or even with cost-per-click ad programs like Google Adsense.

    Essentially, it’s the difference between being a Blogger, and being an Internet Marketer who utilizes blogging platforms as a delivery system for their business. You can either play in the blogosphere popularity contest and try to be famous, or you can forget about that and treat it like a business.

    If you’re an Internet Marketer, and want to build a real income from blogs, stay away from “social traffic” like Digg, other social media. Concentrate on generating traffic from the search engines. This means doing SEO, only posting keyword targeted content to your blog about ONE topic, and much more boring activities like building links (READ: not social bookmarking).

    I’ll just stop here. I’ve got my own blog to be long winded on. 😉

  7. Dream Big/Take Action said:

    I think the idea of being a professional blogger – that is, someone who makes a good income solely from publishing a blog – is like calling most online infopreneurs “professional email writers.” Blogs can be great profit generators if they’re used to promote your business and your brand, just like email newsletters, ad campaigns, etc. The more marketing channels you offer, the more ways you give clients a way to follow you and trust you. (Of course, you have to know when to say when and at what point your effort isn’t worth the business it generates, but that’s probably another topic.)

    When it comes to information marketing, I think it’s now pretty important to have both a blog as well as an email newsletter to promote your products and build a following. (I just now launched my own after reading Masterson’s new book and recognizing the need for another marketing channel for my business.) But a blog as a standalone way to make big money with ad views or book deals, I think there are VERY few cases of this.

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  9. Start A Business And Bring Out The Entrepreneur In You | The SmarterGroup Blog said:

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  10. Brett Owens said:

    I see how it’s possible to make $ – but requires a lot of scale, and I haven’t been able to figure that part out yet for sure.

    Have a blog I fool around with that I’m running just a 5-batch of Google Ads on. Over the past few months, it’s consistently generating roughly $6 eCPM – 6 bucks per 1000 page impressions – which I believe is OK, not outrageously high or low, from what I’ve read.

    Tough thing is at that rate, even 1K page impressions per day buys you a cheap sandwich for lunch. So you’d need to achieve some real scale – 100X+ – to be rolling in it. So 100K impressions per day, or thereabouts – that’s some serious traffic.

  11. Ian Brodie said:

    I think your absolutely right in your assesment Bob. Darren Rowse’s surveys at problogger show similar results.

    The other alternative to making money directly from your blog (via ads or products) is for service providers (consultants, lawyers, etc.) to use a blog to raise their profile and credibility and therefore sell more of their “day to day” services.


  12. Chris Albright said:

    I think in order to earn serious money blogging, you must first approach the activity just like any other direct response endeavor. Find an under-served market and give it what it wants. Build a following of loyal “fans” (read customers) who like you, believe you, and trust you.

    A blog (in business terms) can probably be likened to a newsletter service. You’re providing content in exchange for either 1. Money, or 2. Eyeballs. In most cases I think it’s Eyeballs and therefore must be monetized via advertising.

    Adsense is probably the easiest form of monetezation there is, but I would never allow it on one of my blogs. There is too little revenue to be had, and you have no control over what is advertised. In a worst case scenario your competitors could actively advertise on your site!

    Instead I would put targeted affiliate offers in my ad blocks. This way, you have much more potential for income and you get to test different offers, see the results (literally in the bank) and optimize your efforts.

    All this being said, the best way to make money blogging is to sell your own stuff to your readers. Combine this with the “Guest Blogger” model; “allowing” others to write your blog for you, and you’ve got a means to spend most of your time at the beach – if you’re into that kind of thing. Bob would probably write more books ;).

    One final thought… $200 median income sounds bleak (actually, it is)… but median is not the same as average. All it means is that an equal number of blogs earn greater than $200 as earn less. There are probably a lot of bloggers trying to make money who simply don’t know what they’re doing, but I’ll bet the readers of this blog are in the top percentiles of people who DO know what they’re doing and are therefore capable of much, much more.

  13. Kevin Stirtz said:

    I agree with Dan – if you want to be in the business of blogging you must treat it like a business. It’s not about being the coolest kid on the block or being hip or cutting edge. It is about building an audience that wants to read your content in both free and paid formats.

    I find the more I work at my blog the more readers I attract and the more money I make.

    Kevin Stirtz
    The Amazing Service Guy

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