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Only 6 million active workers employed in the USA today

June 7th, 2016 by Bob Bly

That’s the opinion of superstar marketer Perry Marshall, and here’s how he calculated that number:

Start with about 300 million people in the United States.

Consider that half of them are retired or in school or on welfare, a fourth are taking care of the retired ones and the ones in school, you’ve got 75 million left.

But 29 million work for the federal government which means there’s only 46 million left to bring home the bacon.

Then there’s the 15 million who work for the local government, so they’re only marginally more worthwhile than the feds.

We’re down to 31 million now.

80% of the 31 million are either lazy, apathetic, and mostly unproductive, or they’re busy undoing the damage done by the incompetents every day.

So in fact there’s only six million people doing real, actual, productive, innovative hard work


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146 responses about “Only 6 million active workers employed in the USA today”

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