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Overcoming Objections

September 24th, 2009 by Bob Bly

A skeptical reader of my e-newsletter recently wrote the following in response to an e-mail I sent him promoting one of my products on starting an Internet business:

“Would any of your how-to information work? We tried different marketing programs and there was very little change.”

How did I handle this objection?

I sent him a 5-word e-mail in response.

It said: “Here’s what my customers say:”

Underneath was a hyperlink to my product testimonial page.

Would you have responded differently — or with a longer e-mail reply?


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36 responses about “Overcoming Objections”

  1. Lou Wasser said:

    It depends on the prospect. Testimonials satisfy some. Others are tougher. Their thinking is you certainly wouldn’t refer them to someone who was going to say (write) something negative about your product.

    In the long period of over twenty years in the face-to-face sales trenches, the following strategy has worked well for me.

    Show compassion for your client. Then treat the objection as a straight-up request for additional information.

    Here’s how this kind of scenario might play out(in person or in an exchange of emails):

    “Mr. Buyer. I can certainly understand how you feel. That has to be tremendously frustrating — going from one vendor to the other for the right answer, only to discover, after spending so much time, that than when you started.”


    “What specific things do you need to know about my guide on starting an Internet business that would set it apart from the other guides and persuade you that your money would be well invested?”

    The advantage of this technique is that it gives you access to the prospect’s thought process and compassionately puts the onus on her for getting back to you.

  2. Lou Wasser said:

    Whoops!! Last sentence in my fifth paragraph down should have finished with the words “that you were no better off than when you started.”


  3. Joel Heffner said:

    Bob, Are testimonials better than your money back guarantee?

  4. Chris Greaves said:

    The link is good.
    I’d preface it with a precis of what’s on that page; enough for the user to read in five seconds, a teaser, a reason to click on the link.
    Without the precis (which means you have invested at least enough of your time to copy-and-paste), the curt response seems to read “I can’t be bothered responding; take this and read it”.
    P.S. I don’t think that’s your style at all, but we run the risk of APPEARING that way to the disgruntled client.

  5. Bob Bly said:

    Chris: I understand your point, but I feel differently. I feel my response says: “It doesn’t matter what I say — what counts is what my customers say. And here it is….”

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  7. Kamil said:

    Send me his blog I will persuade him/her:)

  8. Greg said:

    Curious! Which particular product were you promoting? I looked at some of your product sites, and the one I thought would fit was under construction.

    A little off topic. I recently bought a book on landing pages, and it was horrible. It was written by a non English speaker and was very repetitive, giving the same advice over and over again.

  9. Kelja said:

    You said it better when you explained what your original 5 word response meant:

    “I feel my response says: “It doesn’t matter what I say — what counts is what my customers say. And here it is….”

    I think that comment would have been a stronger response to the objection.

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  13. caia domino said:

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