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Prospecting with scissors

August 1st, 2017 by Bob Bly

Though I don’t think I invented it, I’m one of an extremely small
group of people who use this little-known marketing channel to
stay in touch with clients and prospects.

I call it “strategic clipping.”

How it works is simple….

Whenever you come across an article in a magazine or newspaper
that is relevant to one of your client’s businesses — or even his
or her hobbies or personal life — tear or clip it out of the
publication … and mail it to the client.

It sounds trivial. Almost ridiculous for me to call it a
marketing channel.

But in fact, it’s one of the most effective relationship-building
tools ever devised.

First, here’s how I do it.

I don’t deliberately research material to clip and send to

But in the course of your reading, you will come across many such
items weekly.

A lot of people look at a relevant article and think, “Bill would
be interested in this; maybe I should send it to him.”

But because they are busy, they don’t.

I do. It’s easy, because my strategic clipping method is fast and
efficient … and takes almost none of my time.

When I see an article for Bill, I cut it out of the publication with

I handwrite in pen a quick note at the top: “Bill — FYI — Bob
Bly.” That’s it. Scribbled in seconds.

I then hand it to my assistant and say, “Please mail this to Bill
Jones at Acme Solar Energy.”

And that’s it. My assistant does the work.

No need for me to take time out of my hectic day to find Bill’s
postal address, hunt for a stamp and envelope, put the article in
the envelope, seal the envelope, affix the stamp, and drive to
the post office to drop it in the mail.

If I didn’t have an assistant and had to do it myself, I probably
would not use strategic clipping. But fortunately, I do. (Every
solopreneur should.)

Why is strategic clipping so effective? For 3 reasons:

First, the content is extremely targeted and relevant to the

Second, it has a personal touch — especially the handwritten note
— and it shows people you are thinking of them.

Third, in our digital age where people are bombarded by email,
getting a piece of paper in the mail stands out.

The only drawback to strategic clipping is: it’s hit and miss. If
I don’t come across an article of interest to Bill, he doesn’t
get a clip.

My solution to that flaw in the clipping system is to augment it
by publishing a regular e-newsletter.

An e-newsletter is not as customized and personal as a strategic

But the regularity of sending a monthly or weekly newsletter
helps build top of mind awareness.

It also ensures that your prospects, clients, and customers hear
from you on a continual basis.


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