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Social Media’s Limitations

July 8th, 2010 by Bob Bly

“The real danger with social media is in marketers expecting too much from it,” says Linda LoRe, President of Frederick’s of Hollywood.

According to an article in Deliver magazine, 65% of marketers say they have not increased revenue or profited using social media.

And more than half of the adult population doesn’t use social media at all.


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202 responses about “Social Media’s Limitations”

  1. Morgan said:

    Bob: Thanks for sharing the article. Looks like the jury is still out on social media marketing.

  2. Glenn said:

    I am spending the summer reading as many books about social media for I am new to it except for newsletters and email. I will launch an on-line business this fall so learning about all these different media methods is necessary. Needless to say I am so confused! The trouble is, from what I understand, all of them frown on getting your business noticed or acknowledged in a direct way. Let’s say I would like to advertise my new business or tell everyone about my products but NO…it is against protocol. For me, social media is a mental overload of jumbled thoughts and concerns. Twitter acts like passing notes during class in grade school and as for Facebook I would rather my past remain in my past and not catch-up to my present. I have friends that I relate to in the real world; not unknown chatty hundreds that want me to be friendly with them in the cyber world. How childish! As for blogs, I am not the greatest writer (as witnessed here) and I would still be ‘forbidden’ to write directly about my business and products. It is confusing for me and apparently for many other people.

    Bob, I found your book “Blog Schmog” in the library and it is a breath of fresh air to read! Through it I found your website and newsletter. I am so glad I read it.

  3. Eric S. Mueller said:

    One problem I notice with marketers and social media is they seem to forget the social part. I’ll accept a friend request from a marketer on FaceBook, then get spammed with invitations to webinars. I have no idea who the person is, or why I should trust them.

    My social media approach is to remain social. I’m a Realtor, and I do use social media for business. But I approach it from the standpoint that people use it to get to know other people. I like to know what people are thinking about and doing. I post likewise. I tend to trust those marketers who are real people, not those who are just trying to sell seats at some “get rich quick” sounding webinar.

  4. Joel Heffner said:

    Let’s also remember that in a typical mailing the response is usually less than 10% (to be generous). I think you’re looking at things out of only one eye. Because it’s not as useful using your measurements doesn’t mean it’s not effective for the right audience. Authors like Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott do very nicely exclusively using Social Marketing. No one said that Social Media is the only way to go.

  5. David Meerman Scott said:

    I agree with this. Crappy social media marketing won’t work. Just like crappy copy doesn’t work. But done well, reaching buyers via the web is transformational for those businesses that do it well.

  6. Apryl parcher said:

    I don’t think the jury is out on the effectiveness of social media marketing at all. While social media may be slow to catch on in certain market segments, there have been innumerable case studies done on companies who have measured returns and see positive results from using social campaigns. You can find some of them at, or visit Eric Qualman’s site, for some enlightening figures.

    Yes, there is the potential for healthy ROI, but the formula for measuring it is not as simple as our tried-n-true direct response formula. I think that’s where people fall down in expectations. They don’t understand how different an animal it is–that it’s power is in engagement and conversation, not blast messaging and advertisements.

    It also has an extreme benefit when used to share content, not only for getting your content seen by more people, but also for generating much more “Google Juice” for the user. White papers are a good example. Many companies share links to their white papers on Twitter, and also facebook and LinkedIn. Those updates are found on search engines, giving their lead generating paper more eyeballs than just letting it sit on a static website. You can even embed sharing links in .PDFs now, which makes white papers even MORE easy to share with a click.

    Using social media for business successfully requires a well thought out plan with goals and objectives and measurement tools, just like traditional marketing. And, just as in traditional marketing, you have to know who your audience is and where they hang out in social circles before you jump in. No use Tweeting to the wind if your demographic isn’t there.

    Like it or not, as marketeers we HAVE to learn how this new world works. Our competition is already using it, and conversation is already being conducted there about your brand. The way this is growing, pretty soon you’ll be invisible to your market if you don’t have an active presence there.

    Start planning now how to incorporate it in your current marketing, and educate yourself on new trends–or risk getting lost in the “noise.”

  7. Clay said:

    My opinion is fairly simple. As social media started its rise in importance, there were those who embraced it as the only form of marketing that would work. At the same time, there were those who refused to see its value.

    Those who embrace social media as the only marketing outlet are missing the boat, as are those who refuse to embrace it at all.

    For every job there is the right tool. Social media is one such tool – a powerful one if used in the right circumstance.

  8. Dianna Huff said:

    Here’s how I explain why social media “doesn’t work”:

    You go to a business networking event.

    You sit at a table with a bunch of people you don’t know.

    Because you’re desperate for work, you throw your business cards on the table and say, “If you need a [blank], I’m available.”

    People say “thank you” and continue their conversations.

    You go home having made zero contacts.

    That’s how dumb marketers use social media.

  9. William Reynolds said:

    There is no silver bullet to magically boost sales. It all depends on intelligent planning, hard work and genuine relationship building. I think a lot of people treat social media as a kind of billboard service instead of seeking real connections that benefit both parties over the long term.

  10. Idris said:

    It’s not profitable because…I think it’s because the medium is called SOCIAL media…Not BUSINESS media.

    There are avenues for those interested in business to go to, BNI is an example,, is another example…

    When those around me, my friends, go to places like they go there to read fun updates from friends and look at their photos…

    Very rarely, if ever, do they go to and think about how much money they can make from it, unless they have a Facebook store.

    So the conclusion has to be that, either find a way to be cool and interesting on these social media platform or … actually GO TO A business networking platform.

    Good post Bob!

  11. Lou Wasser said:

    While the figures in Deliver magazine seem sobering on the face of it, one can easily look back at articles about the possibilities of the Internet, television, radio,etc, and pontificate about how slim possibilities seemed for these media then.

    As marketers, we need to ask ourselves what’s easier: to board a train while it’s in the station, or to try and hop on the train after it starts moving.

  12. Josh Stu said:

    I agree with you. Both my parents are not into social networking sites. Maybe their limited knowledge with the technology is one of the main factor that result to their lack of interest with these sites.

  13. Jodi Kaplan said:

    You can directly sell on social media, twitter, your blog, etc. The key is to remember that it’s a conversation and that you are building relationships.

    So, most of what you say is helpful. Spread information, get noticed, build a reputation, etc.

    Think of it like a party. You wouldn’t arrive, start banging your chest, and yelling, “ME! ME! ME!”

    Instead you introduce yourself, join in a few conversations, answer questions, etc. Eventually, as people get to know (and trust) you, you can mention that you can help them with X or send them a recommendation for someone who can help them with Y.

    The selling part is mixed in, but it’s not the primary message. The selling is the sprinkles, the rest is the ice cream.

  14. Bob Bly said:

    Jodi: I am send an e-mail to my list and make money. Social media seems to take 10 times the effort for 1/5 the return.

  15. Bob Bly said:

    I meant “I can send” ……

  16. Glenn said:

    14.Bob Bly said:
    July 12th, 2010 at 12:13 pm
    Jodi: I am send an e-mail to my list and make money. Social media seems to take 10 times the effort for 1/5 the return.

    Exactly! I confess – I am an old fuddy-duddy but I still can not understand why all the emphasis is on getting chummy and huggy with everyone. I love good discussions but it takes me away from actual work. I guess part of the new work ‘style’ is chattering away about news, weather and sports and then nonchalantly adding (basically a whisper) what we do and what we sell. It is a lot of work and words for very little return. This is why I feel business and many adults fail to use social media to any great extent; to little monetary return and too little time to creatively cyber-socialize. Social media is probably great for killing time and using your freedom of speech but as a valuable business marketing tool I am not convinced – yet.

  17. Jodi Kaplan said:

    Ah, but you use the social media (like your blog) to get people to sign up for your email list so you can make money.

    That said, I’m on LinkedIn, Triiibes (a closed network sponsored by Seth Godin), and (to help me improve my blogging and get more traffic). No Twitter, no Facebook.

    The first two have both gotten me clients and the third has given me opportunities for exposure (sort of free PR) to spread the word and bring in leads. Certainly worth my investment of a little time.

    Other triiibes members have published successful books, changed careers, launched successful new businesses, and spoken at a TED conference. One wrote to a big blogger, who tweeted about it – netting the guy a new client.

    Bob, I think you once pointed out how Dell was using Twitter as essentially an online coupon to drive traffic and make quite a lot of money.

    Of course, the important thing isn’t what you think, it’s what your audience thinks. If they’re not on Twitter, there’s no point in you using it.

  18. Clay said:

    In Jodi’s defense, I have recently picked up two new clients directly through participation in Linkedin.

    However, direct mail is still my best lead generation tool.

  19. Pete Savage said:

    Jodi Kaplan hit the nail on the head in comment #17…. to extend her idea… if YOUR audience is gathering together in a certain place, be it at a trade show, an online forum, or a social media site like Twitter… then, well… there they are.

    Once you know where they’re hanging out, it’s up to you what you do with that information, but know this… whether or not you personally LIKE the places where your audiences are gathered (and your personal opinion on the norms, behaviours and social graces that take place there) actually doesn’t matter in the least to those gathered. 🙂 The fact remains that they’ll still be there, doing their thing, whether or not you decide to show up. Whether it’s at a trade show or on Twitter… some people will just hang out, others will grow their network, others will make sales…. and all of this this will go on with or without you present.

  20. Melzetta "Mele" Williams said:

    I just meant a social media consultant at a business club meeting. She sat at a table with me and two other business people and listened to us whine about cold calling.

    She sold all of us on social media marketing (and her) mainly because she told the story of how she built her own business. Now I’m not new to hearing social media success stories, but her story was different than the stuff I’ve heard before. She successfully integrated social media marketing with traditional marketing. Simple as that.

    What I learned from that conversation is that many of us just don’t know how to market using this new medium. But you know what? Perhaps we need to hire the experts. After all, how many of us have had to explain the basics of marketing to our clients who had no clue about where to start, but were eager to learn. AND eager to pay someone to teach them.

    She’s added training to her list of services because she wants folks to understand this new tool before they start creating Fan pages and the like.

    Bob, is it Ok to give out my email address for those who might be interested in contacting this woman. I don’t want to break any blog etiquette rules. NOTE: I have NO interest in her business at all, not even as an affiliate program. I just met her on Wednesday!

  21. Peter George said:

    Like any other form of marketing, success depends on several factors. There is a high percentage of marketers who get poor ROI on direct mail, social networking, referral-based marketing, you name it. When results are poor, it often goes back to one or more particulars, including the wrong message, the wrong audience, the wrong vehicle, the wrong time, inconsistent frequency, etc. I have heard good and bad reports regarding social networking, yet all I know for certain is that it has worked well for me, most notably in the U.K.

  22. Pete Frost said:

    Social media has it’s own advantage when it comes to the success of internet marketing. However, as an internet marketer, you need to make sure that you are taking the right step. Many people think that setting up your own Fan page or similar thing can boost your sales. But, it isn’t as easy as that.

  23. Ethan Sullivan said:

    If you really want to make use of social media for your internet marketing campaign, first, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy. Like what the author said, not all became success with the use of social media.

  24. Is Social Media Workin' For Ya? said:

    […] media on a macro level. I weighed in on the debate myself recently with a comment on our friend Bob Bly’s blog article on the subject: If YOUR audience is gathering together in a certain place, be it at a trade show, an […]

  25. Stephanie Janard said:

    I think it can work, but like any other medium or strategy, you have to really understand it and then apply what you learn with unflagging consistency.

    Case example: YouTube. I have put in keywords for many different subjects that have led me to “experts” on YouTube giving short video instructions. If I was impressed enough, I then went on to their websites to seek more information.

    Of course, producing video isn’t typically cheap, but that’s just one example of how a social media outlet can drive traffic to your main online presence.

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